Wall of Sound Halloween Annual III: Season of the Witch

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Here at Wall of Sound we love Halloween: the candy, the dress ups, the horror movies and, of course, the music. Our little coven has previously shared the best songs from horror movies and the most horrific Halloween songs so we got together to plan an ultimate Halloween themed playlist. We have a wide variety of rock genres covered here, from blues classics to nu-metal, spooky-core and punk. Check out of our picks for the best tunes to soundtrack your annual trick or treat. 

David Draiman – ‘Forsaken’ (from the Queen of the Damned Soundtrack)

When you think of horror movies and soundtracks that set the mood, the Queen of the Damned soundtrack is up there with one of the absolute best. Orchestrated by KoRn‘s Jonathan Davis (who sadly couldn’t use his voice on the album due to label issues) he enlisted the help of friends to fill the void and create a stack of songs that have lasted longer than the movie’s legacy! David’s performance on ‘Forsaken’ is haunting and sets the tone for the entire album. If you’d rather Jonathan’s vocals, go find the movie and watch in awe!

Words by Paul ‘Beartooth Browny’ Brown 

W.A.S.P. – ‘Scream Until You Like’ (Ghoulies II Soundtrack)

I remember this was on the soundtrack to Ghoulies II and it’s a cracking track (especially live). One for the old school horror/metal fans!

Words by Mick ‘Crimson Ghost’ Goddard

Teenage Bottlerocket – ‘Cockroach Strikes Again’

When you’re thinking of punk rock and Halloween there’s a lot of obvious choices around (I’m looking at you Danzig) but there’s plenty of skate punk bands that aren’t afraid to play around on the dark side – and Teenage Bottlerocket do it as good as anyone. ‘Cockroach Strikes Again’ is one of my favourite TBR tracks and it really encapsulates a horror flick kinda vibe. The idea of some psycho killer lurking about a town and driving fear and paranoia into the hearts of everyone is right at the center of so many great horror films – Scream, The Town That Dreaded Sundown, and Halloween (duh). For a song which is pretty playful it’s also quite ominous and dark with the titular Cockroach’s victims being people who are seemingly safe and sound in their beds. It’s a scary thought and that is what makes some of the best horror – the thought it could happen to you anytime, anywhere. Anyway, chuck this one into your Spookify playlists and have some fun!

Words by Dave ‘Murder’ Mullins

 Alice Cooper – ‘He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask)’

It’s from the soundtrack to Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. Not Alice’s most rocking song, but it’s got a cool horror vibe to it and a comically 80’s groove with lashings of synth.

Words by Gareth ‘Grim’ Williams

Murderdolls – Beyond The Valley of the Murderdolls (album)

Joey Jordison played damned near every instrument on this album that was, in its entirety, an ode to B-Scream Hollywood horror schlock and gore. Wednesday 13 took on vocal duties in what became one of the most fun, riff-laden and rocking-est good times of 2002. With songs like “Die My Bride”, “She Was a Teenage Zombie” and “Dead in Hollywood”, Murderdolls created what quickly became the must-see live show of the time. It was catchy as hell and their 2003 Big Day Out show will go down as an all-time classic. “Hey Frankenstein, what’s on your mind? Hey Dracula, I heard you SUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!”

Words by Duane ‘Jigsaw’ James

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – ‘I Put A Spell On You’

Being one of the earliest examples of “spooky” music that really leaned into it, it deserves a place for that alone. But Hawkins’ almost- possessed vocals, inspired by too many spirits (be they bottled or the other kind) suit the mood of the occasion perfectly. Often imitated, never replaced.

Words by Benji ‘Bones’ Alldridge

Fear Factory – ‘Invisible Wounds (Dark Bodies)’

One of the highlight tracks from (in my opinion) one of the best video game flicks of all time, Resident Evil, which should be on your Halloween movie list. Also showcases Fear Factory in their original glory from 2001, shortly before a dramatic hiatus.

Words by Simon ‘My Bloody’ Valentine

Motorhead – ‘Hellraiser’

A song that Lemmy originally co-wrote for Ozzy in the early 90s (featured on 1991’s No More Tears), Motorhead covered it the following year for the Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth soundtrack. A great song (I prefer it to the Ozzy version), plus the film clip features Lemmy playing poker with Pinhead – and beating him the ol’ dead man’s hand (aces and eights!). Such a classic.

Written by Andrew ‘Krime Spree’ Kapper

Reel Big Fish – ‘Skatanic’

I could have picked multiple Ice Nine Kills song, including my new fave ‘Ex-Mortis’ but decided on ‘Skatanic’, which is about a guy stalking a girl with the chorus “fuck you bitch, I love you I’m not crazy”, if that’s not the premise of a horror film I don’t know what is. Plus the title is a pun, and I love me some wordplay. Oh and horns! #skaforlife

Words by Carys ‘Skarred’ Hurcom

Delilah Bon – ‘Coffin’

Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year because suddenly everything I’m into is “cool” for a month. Delilah Bon (Hands Off Gretel’s front woman Lauren Tate) just dropped her new EP Ready To Kill ready for Spooktober and the first track ‘Coffin’ is a must for your Halloween soundtrack. Witches, Bats, Ghouls, the Undead… this song has it all. It blends rap, grunge and metal with screaming and howling overlaid giving this track a sexy spooky vibe. It’s definitely a track for us girls who define themselves as “I’m cute but I’m scary”.

Written by Kim ‘Astro Zombie’ Anderson

Ghost – ‘Hunter’s Moon (from Halloween Kills)’ 

Ghost are a band built for Halloween and their contribution to the film Halloween Kills is perfectly timed. The combination of KISS/Misfits style makeup, the mysterious Nameless Ghouls, satanic lyrics and a sound best described as 70s hard rock meets 90s goth, means Ghost should be top of the list for your Halloween soundtrack. ‘Hunter’s Moon’ captures their classic sound with a huge chorus, perfect for howling at the moon. With new vocalist Papa Emeritus IV (formerly Cardinal Copia) out front, it’s a pretty sweet preview of what to expect from the new Ghost album in 2022. 

Words by KJ ‘The Raven’ Draven

Ice Nine Kills – ‘Rainy Day’

I’m not the biggest fan of horror, or at least I wasn’t until the first time I heard INK! ‘Rainy Day’ is their homage to Resident Evil, which has been one of my favourite horror game and movie franchises of all time. The perfect blend of horror, metal core, and electronica that never fails to have me rocking out!

Words by Kelsey ‘Terror’ Trevan

The Gloom in the Corner‘Misanthropic’

The Gloom in the Corner are a band which explores a fictional story line surrounding dark, twisted behaviours and heavy emotions such as misery, suffering, shame and guilt. With narcissistic characters who would giggle at the thought of someone dying in a horrific manner always plotting against and betraying one another, with this song being one of the best examples of that. All of this is why this band deserves a spot beneath the Halloween banner. The music is super heavy with breakdowns occurring more often than not.

Words by Adam ‘Damned’ Rice

Happy Halloween Kids
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