Thornhill Are Back! Swoon Over Their Funky New Single ‘Casanova’

Thornhill Heroine tracklisting

Have you ever felt as #HornyForThorny as right about now? We’ve all been waiting for it and it’s finally arrived. Melbourne’s Thornhill have unleashed their single/video ‘Casanova’ unto the world. The track comes after the incredible success of the band’s launching pad, that is their 2019 debut album The Dark Pool. The UNFD band are yet to reveal a new album or anything of the sort, but we’re primed for more news soon. 

Vocalist Jacob Charlton shares his thoughts on ‘Casanova’:

“’Casanova’ is about the extensively taxing experience of falling deeply for someone that you’re too afraid to completely grab onto. The kind of situation where you’re almost scared to love them and begin fixating on the little things you dislike about them or create stories in your head about them in order to keep your distance, so you don’t get hurt or hurt them.”

The frontman goes on to say:

“To match the mood of this track instrumentally, I decided to create a sort of 007 scenario, to match the vocal direction I was taking in order to get the point across without making this a sad track. I use the eyes of two agents that are stuck in a dance of death with orders to kill the other while assigned to the same case, they must choose whether or not to follow through with orders they don’t agree with.”  

Spanning just four-minutes ‘Casanova’ will simply leave you feeling breathless. Starting off with a crushing medley, Thornhill show-off immense production with their return to streaming platforms worldwide. The Victorian band spin in and out of structure with deep-low tuning and an ebb-and-flow of vocal styles. The track is another testament to the band’s reinvention of heavy music, and will….well…. get you even #Hornier

Catch the band live at Full Tilt and UNIFY festivals in the very near future. 

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)  

Stream ‘Casanova’ here.

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