Void of Vision – Chronicles I: Lust (EP Review)

Void of Vision – Chronicles I: Lust 
Released: October 22, 2021


Jack Bergin // Vocals
James McKendrick // Guitar, vocals
Mitch Farley // Guitar
George Murphy // Drums


How’s this for a surprise? On Wednesday, we were all treated to the news that Melbourne’s Void of Vision were releasing an EP, and here it bloody is. And hoooooo boi, it’s a belter! We’ve already been treated to the singles ‘VAMPYR’ and ‘THE LONELY PEOPLE’, now we have two more hard-hitting face melters to get into. Let’s do it, shall we?

Starting the EP is ‘OHNE SICHT’ and fuuuuck me! If you TikTok, you’ll know that people have been making videos using Lorna Shore and Chelsea Grin songs – this song will be the next they do that with. Sorry if you don’t TikTok and have absolutely no idea what I am talking about (and sorry you don’t like fun). Using my fancy googling skills, I deduced that ‘OHNE SICHT’ is german for Without Vision, and the song keeps repeating ‘OHNE SICHT /  Void of Vision’  in super heavy vocals. This is a minute and a half of menacing heaviness and such a great intro.

Next up is ‘GOTHIKA’ coming in with tolling bells and chugging guitars. This song is definitely my fave on the EP. Vocalist Jack Bergin has explained that this EP is him starting the journey of being a better person, and ‘GOTHIKA’ is about the breakdown of relationships and realising more effort needs to be put into them.

The second single ‘VAMPYR’ continues the fury with the first line saying ‘Shut the fuck up / you’re just the same as the rest’. Jack explains that the song is about feelings of disgust at the music industry’s historically horrendous treatment of women. He continues, “this is about how much more we can all be doing in our positions to actively create a safe space for women. You can neglect accountability or wake up and ask yourself how it is all still happening in this day and age.” 

Closing out the EP is the banger first single, ‘THE LONELY PEOPLE’. This song finishes the EP the way it started, with emotion, fury and incredible heaviness. It’s no secret that the last two years have been incredibly shit for all of us, and those in music have had it tougher than most with absolutely no support from the government. ‘THE LONELY PEOPLE’ is a message of solidarity to everyone going through the same thing. 

This EP is only four songs long, but it manages to convey so many messages, feelings and themes in that short time. It’s the story of hardship, injustice, and mental health struggles. But it’s also the story of wanting to be better and work harder, not just for yourself but for the wider community. I feel many people will relate to the messages in this EP and the conversation it opens up. Turns out you can really pack a lot into a relatively short period. 

Give this a listen – you’ll be a better person for it. 

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Void of Vision – CHRONICLES I: LUST tracklisting


Rating: 9/10
CHRONICLES I: LUST is out now via UNFD. Listen here
Review By – Cait Mac @cait_2tone

Check out our interview with frontman Jack Bergin chatting all things Lust and the future of Chronicles here

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