Fit For A King Go Cinematic With Reimagined ‘When Everything Means Nothing’

Fit For A King

Can Fit For A King do any wrong? We don’t think so. The band are always starving for more, and frankly so are the fans. After a monster album campaign for The Path (our review here) last year, and a couple of collab EPs with bands like tour mates August Burns Red (Guardians of the Path) as well as with Silent Planet on their shared Trilogy / Stockholm EP, the band have now released a reimagined ‘When Everything Means Nothing’. 

The cinematic version of the track is completely different to the original, which makes it all the more special. Whilst it’s strange to here lyrics like “born in the rain” not followed by crushing guitars and thundering roars, it’s a super-nice way to hear one of our favourite Fit For A King songs lullabied. The band’s approach to losing blistering breakdowns is including epic vocal hooks and harmonies, including orchestral elements that will blow you away. However, towards the end, the amps plug in momentarily and you may get to appreciate a fusion with some of the track’s original heaviness. So great for the band to experiment like this and honour a song that fans love. 

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Fit For A King – ‘When Everything Means Nothing’ (Cinematic) here

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