PREMIERE: Zeolite Unveil Final Single ‘The Bellowing Void’ Ahead of Album Release


Melbournian death metal heroes Zeolite are gearing up to unleash their new album, Proselytism on October 29th, but have decided to leak one more single to us early. ‘The Bellowing Void‘ is a song that many of us heavy music listeners can all relate to, since it shines a light on that constant ringing in our ears after being exposed to loud music… Tinnitus anyone? Hello?

On the new song and forthcoming release guitarist Patrick Haas shares:

“‘The Bellowing Void’ is actually one of the older songs off the album and one we’ve been playing live for a while now. Honestly I was somewhat tired of the track until DMac worked his magic on it and has turned into an unrelenting beast of a piece. It’s quite a dynamic song in terms of pacing, has some challenging parts to navigate, and as with the rest of the album DMac is the ‘secret sauce’ slathered over the top to finish it off. It tells a tale that is all too familiar to musicians and heavy music lovers alike, the hell that is tinnitus, and the torment it causes.

To be finally releasing the album is an amazing and cathartic feeling. It’s been such a long road to where we are now, with what seems like innumerable lineup changes, but in the end it’s all been worth it and we can finally release a body of work we are truly, truly proud of. The last 18 months have been especially hard as we’re scattered all over the country and we’ve only been able to meet up once as an entire unit to to organise the release, which have proven… exceptionally difficult. It’s been a frustrating process as a lot of the plans we had have been sidelined by COVID, but releasing the album through EVP, with the best lineup we’ve ever had and a great group mates makes it all worth it. We can’t wait for everyone to hear it, and to get back to making more music.”

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Zeolite – Proselytism tracklisting

1. Hope Syndrome
2. Indoctrinated
3. Legion
4. Sculpture of Torment
5. Depths of the Fog
6. The Atrocious One
7. The Bellowing Void
8. Nightmare
9. Hecatomb
10. Deceit

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