Knocked Loose Surprise Release New EP A Tear In The Fabric Of Life & Accompanying Short Film

Good Morning! Would you like to start your day with a brand new Knocked Loose release? Well today is your lucky day…

The heavy hitters have made a sneaky, yet triumphant return to the scene with the EP A Tear In The Fabric Of Life – featuring a collection of songs that expand on the narratives hinted in their last album A Different Shade of Blue. This new concept release also comes with an accompanying animated short film (Directed & Animated by Magnus Jonsson) that serves as a visualiser to compliment the story being told through the music.

According to frontman/lyricist Bryan Garris, the initial writing process began with a fictional tale, but ended up with the band creating something much bigger and emotional than their original plans:

“It’s a story about extreme grief and the levels a person is willing to go through to get rid of it. The story follows a main character through a traumatic car crash late one night in the woods that leaves his partner deceased, and from there you spiral with him into the depression and guilt that comes with being the cause of something so detrimental.

This is the first time we really dove in and tried to create something sonically that evokes a different range of emotions and over all something that introduces tension and anxiety with a massive pay off. The story is told not only through words but through the music as well, which proved to be our biggest challenge in writing. Lyrically this story ended up being much more personal than we initially intended. We started with the idea to tell a fictional story but throughout the process, I found ways to incorporate real feelings of loss and mourning, as well as anger and self doubt. I’ve always been a very personal writer and this was originally a step away from that, into something more artistic. But in the end, it was just as therapeutic as writing a regular Knocked Loose record, and I think you’ll be able to hear that.”

Like every story, you have to listen from start to finish to truly take in everything on offer. The intense journey will heighten your senses and draw you in from the ambient radio sounds on opening track ‘Where Light Divides the Holler‘ through to the explosive closer ‘Permanent‘ – it’s a Knocked Loose experience with heavier sounds, tighter breakdowns and, as Garris explains “a more prominent death metal influence”.

A Tear In The Fabric Of Life is available now across all streaming apps HOWEVER vinyl formats will be available worldwide on December 17th via Pure Noise Records.

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Knocked Loose – A Tear In The Fabric Of Life EP tracklisting

1. Where Light Divides the Holler
2. God Knows
3. Forced to Stay
4. Contorted in the Faille
5. Return to Passion
6. Permanent

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