The Browning Finally Return With New Album End of Existence + Heavy Self-Titled Track

The Browning - Chaos Reigns review

We’ve been telling you that 2021 has been all about the metalcore time-machine, well it seems like the electronicore time-machine is here too, and we’re all about. The Browning have made an almighty return overnight after a long three years since their latest LP Geist (our review here). The U.S. band are well known for their EDM-insertions into their metalcore/deathcore style, and it’s certainly created a name for them over the years, and probably also influenced many other metalcore bands today that are using EDM elements. 

The Browning have announced their upcoming record End of Existence coming out on December 3rd via Spinefarm Records. The twelve-track album will include their latest self-titled effort ‘End of Existence’ which will get you bouncing. On the new record Jonny McBee has said:

 “Early on, I knew I was going to write the heaviest Browning body of work there was. I needed a theme to fit the heaviness and darkness of the music though. Since I was really happy in my personal life, it had to have a fictional plot. For me, this was about creating a universe.”

Let’s just say the new single takes more of a deathcore twang. The Browning‘s first song in three years starts ominously and implodes into riffage chaos, before the electro sounds softly sift in. ‘End of Existence’ not an ‘all-out’ dance-party’ electronically, but more of a fusion between genres, which leaves more of an eclectic balance. McBee is a beast on vocals and is relentless across the entire track. The Browning deliver some tasty breakdowns mid-way through the track, which lead to a bit of an electro-medley. Bring on the return of The Browning

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream ‘End of Existence’ here

Pre-order End of Existence here

The Browning - End of Existence

The Browning – End of Existence tracklist

1. End of Existence
2. Destroyer
3. Anticendency
4. Gott ist Tot
5. Torment
6. Cataclysm
7. Rage
8. Chaos Reigns
9. No Man Can Become a God
10. Death Warp
11. Prophecy
12. Fearless

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