The Last Gang – Noise Noise Noise (Album Review)

The Last Gang – Noise Noise Noise
Released: October 8, 2021

Line Up:

Brenna Red //vocals, guitar
Ken Aquino // guitar
Robby Wantland // drums
Sean Viele // bass


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The biggest surprise album during 2018 for me, was The Last Gang’s Fat Wreck debut (but sophomore album) Keep Them Counting, so the news of the upcoming release of Noise Noise Noise has been one of excitement and anticipation.

Opening with title track with its reggae, 80’s Brit punk sound, ‘Noise Noise Noise’ sets the tone for the rest of the album- a meditation of the injustices of the world presented through Red’s clear vocals, crashing cymbals, and The Clash-esque guitar riffs. ‘WFTW’ standing for We Fucked The World, follows, continues to criticise the state of the world and humans role within it, presenting its ideas with a jaunty, sing-a-long chorus. Starting with an impressive guitar riff, ‘Prosthetic Lost Cause’ ups the tempo, while layering harmonies to create a full sound. 

‘Shameless’ is an earworm that will stick in your head, and allows Red to exercise her vocal chops in a way that fans haven’t experienced before. An acoustic guitar and Red’s vocals begin ‘Panic Dreaming’, before the guitar kicks in with a slide, bringing an anger and frustration to the song that reflects the lyrics. 

Second single ‘Gimme Action’ follows, with its reggae-ska breakdown, and hard-hitting lyrics calling for action in the masses. Upping the reggae-influenced sound ‘New Skin’ creates an ominous tone with its call backs, layering and guitar work. ‘Paris Green’ wouldn’t sound to out of place in previous release Keep Them Counting, the sound firmly planted in the punk sound we have come to expect from The Last Gang.  

With its 6/8 time signature, Intelligence is a Plague’ openly attacks the ignorant who choose to listen to ignore science and facts. As Red says “It was inspired by this overwhelming feeling of ‘Why aren’t we listening to the people who can tell us how to fix these huge problems?’” ‘To The King’ concludes the album, an upbeat song that underlies it’s somewhat depressing lyrics.

Noise Noise Noise has many of the same elements that made Keep Them Counting such a pleasant surprise; hard hitting lyrics, Red’s distinctive vocals, catchy guitar riffs, however Noise Noise Noise wears its reggae ska punk influence on its sleeve, with Red stating she listened to a lot of Trojan Records artists in writing this album. This adds another layer and depth to the album, making Noise Noise Noise an accomplished, albeit unexpected entry into The Last Gang’s catalogue. 

The Last Gang – Noise Noise Noise tracklisting:

1. Noise Noise Noise
3. Prosthetic Lost Cause
4. Shameless
5. Panice Dreaming
6. Gimme Action
7. New Skin
8. Paris Green
9. Intelligence Is A Plague
10. To The King

Rating: 8.5/10
Noise Noise Noise is out tomorrow via Fat Wreck Chords. Pre Order here\
Review by Carys Hurcom @CarysWos

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