PREMIERE: Together In Tragedy Prelude Forthcoming EP with Killer Track ‘Ghostmourne’

The heavy world is waking yet again from the covid sleep that’s stopped us in our tracks, and from the ashes stems a new breed of band, hungry and determined to win you over with the material they’ve been working on during the lockdown. We got another one for ya today!

Hailing from Sydney/Melbourne Together In Tragedy have been doing the rounds for a few years now. They last made a splash with their Delirium EP and have been fast at work on their next collection of music and songs, one of which we’re proud to bring to you today. ‘Ghostmourne‘ combines metalcore screams with plenty of djent to fog up your glasses, and songwriting that surpasses anything the band has done in previous years.

Ahead of tomorrow’s official drop for #NewMusicFriday, we sat down with vocalist Alex Woollams to dissect their new single, get a sneak peek at their forthcoming Memoriam EP and to find out how the band was conceived at a Parkway Drive concert…

Alex from Together in Tragedy, welcome to Wall of Sound! Before we talk about the next era of the band, give us a rundown of how you all came to be…

Thank you for having us! The band consists of Aaron Dalton (drums), David Rea (bass), Michael Webb (guitar) and me, Alex (vocals). Aaron used to jam with some friends on weekends and one of our mutual friends saw that I was posting vocal covers online. Him and I were at a Parkway Drive show when he asked if I want to jam with them. From that point we’ve cycled through several guitarists and bassists, Michael joined simply through being one of David’s friends and we met David through a previous guitarist of ours.

Together In Triumph more like it. Over the past year, you’ve kept very busy and I hear you may have some news about an EP you’ve been working on titled Memoriam. What can you tell us about the conception of this bad boy?

We began writing for this release quite soon after the release of our debut EP ‘Delirium’. This was Michael’s first time writing with us so there was plenty of fresh creative energy brewing. We spent a lot of time together in Michael’s room writing as a group. We knew we wanted to have six tracks, so we made sure to have more than enough material before heading into the studio. Once the demos were done, we headed in for pre-production and that’s when Michael really took the reins on writing. He (and our engineer Mackenzie Begg) ended up with ten tracks that we had to narrow down.

That’s always the fun part. Looking forward to that announcement though. As for why you’re here today – your new track ‘Ghostmourne’ focuses on the aftermath of a loss and the fallout that comes afterwards, usually in the grieving process. It’s a hard-hitting subject that shows us your vulnerable side. Why was it important for you to cover this topic for this track in particular?

I’m always writing, whether it be for lyrics or just expression. Our debut had an overarching theme that I titled ‘a cleanse of regrets’ and I wanted to follow a similar concept with this release. I went through an experience around the conception of this EP and wrote a lot as catharsis, I coined the term ‘coping with loss’ and it stuck with me. I was able to comb through everything I wrote and sort of document my progression of coping with what I was feeling from beginning to end. Since it deals with the consequences of an event, it was only fitting to have it be the closing track.

I hope that each listener can relate these songs to their own experiences and find comfort or a feeling when listening.

In terms of sound, it fits nice and snug within the metalcore/djent realm and I could foresee you playing it at shows alongside the likes of fellow Aussies Polaris, Alpha Wolf or Thornhill. Was it intended to create that sound for this song, or was it an organic conception in the studio?

That’s a big compliment, thank you. It was definitely organic. Our debut was written when we didn’t have a guitarist by Aaron, myself and our engineer/producer for that release, Nat Sherwood. As I mentioned earlier this was Michael’s first time writing with us so it’s a noticeable progression having his style and influence present on these songs. I think it retains our older sound that makes us familiar, while adding in new elements that keep things fresh.

Who or what bands would you say influenced the sound of this song, and your forthcoming EP?

The spoken word on this track was influenced by Being As An Ocean and Hotel Books. Counterparts also had a part to play with the heavier sections vocally. The EP (as a whole) featured influences including Darke Complex, Sworn In, Northlane, Bring Me The Horizon, Issues and Reflections.

We have artists playlists on our Spotify page that we update with our individual influences and who we are listening to, it runs quite a bit deeper than the artists I just listed.

The poetic-esque (spoken word) stop downs really take ‘Ghostmourne’ to a new level and placing one just before that heavy as fuck breakdown is sheer perfection which made this song a great listen from start to finish. Have you thought bout how you’ll execute that in a live setting – you know, when shows eventually return?

I’m really proud of that section and I’m glad it translates well on the record. In a live setting I plan on doing it the exact same way as it was done in the studio; raw, honest expression and ending up on the floor haha.

That’s the only way to do it hahaha And what else do you have in the pipeline that you can share with us?

We want to stay present so shows are guaranteed once things open up more and we want to be consistent so working on new music is a given.

Forward thinking, love it. Okay, time for a fun one: Your band name is about sticking together through tough times so let’s ask this – if you had to endure another year of covid, what three musicians would you choose to head into isolation with and why?

Peter from Kaonashi because we could spend forever talking about bands, merch and tours. Brendan from Counterparts as he would be the comic relief for the entire time and Mitch Welling (who makes music under the name of Flatsound) because he is one of my biggest musical influences.

I think we’d get along pretty well and make cool art while nerding out over analog gear and mix settings.

Not what I was expecting in any way, but mad respect! Any final thoughts for fans, new and old?

For the old fans, thank you for sticking with us. For the new fans, welcome and be sure to check out our debut if you haven’t.

For everyone, we appreciate you taking the time to listen to our music. We just launched our website so check it out, sign up to our mailing list if you want early access to things and pre-order ‘Memoriam’ on Bandcamp for some bonus content to download upon release.

You heard the man, jump on it!

Interview by Paul Browny Brown @brownypaul

Together in Tragedy is Alex Woollams (vocals), Aaron Dalton (drums),
David Rea (bass) and Michael Webb (guitar).

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Together in Tragedy – Memoriam EP tracklisting

1. Griefwound
2. Erasure
3. Collapse
4. Subsistence
5. Digression
6. Ghostmourne

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