ERRA Surprise Fans with New Version of ‘Vanish Canvas’ feat. Courtney LaPlante

ERRA Nigh to Silence Photo by: Jonathan Weiner

Earlier this year, ERRA blew our minds with their extraordinary self-titled album (review here), and only months later the UNFD band have dropped a new rendition of ‘Vanish Canvas’ featuring no other than one of the most popular vocalist in metal right now – Courtney LaPlante. The track comes only weeks after Spiritbox‘s Eternal Blue broke records across music charts around the world. We’re super stoked for this track, because we absolutely salivated over LaPlante on Make Them Suffer‘s ‘Contrabanda few months ago, on top of her endless list of guest features lately.

Here’s what vocalist J.T. Cavey had to say on the collab:

“We’ve never had a guest feature before, even before my time in the band. ‘Vanish Canvas’ is a very special song to Jesse and the rest of the band; it felt right if it were to be any song, it was this one. Courtney has been a longtime friend and extremely supportive of me, as well as ERRA; we are honoured to have her be our first feature.”

Courtney was also stoked to be a part of it:

“JT asked me to sing on this song, and I would have been honoured and excited no matter what song they had chosen for me. He sent me an unassuming mp3 to listen to titled “Karlsruhe” and I was so excited when I pushed play that it turned out to be my favourite ERRA song, “Vanish Canvas”, and the part they asked me to sing happened to be my favourite moment on the record.”

The original ‘Vanish Canvas’ needs no introduction as any ERRA fan will have appreciated its perfection from the band’s latest album. It’s got the hooks, the cleans and the mayhem we all live for. So how does it differ with LaPlante? It’s really all about that final verse were she slips in with impeccable harmonies. with Eternal Blue sporting djent sounds, she’s no stranger to this area. She rapidly ceases for vocalist J.T. Cavey to transition into the final unclean vocal bellow. Really awesome version of the track and great to hear LaPlante with ERRA.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Erra – Vanish Canvas’ here

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