Shadow of Intent Announce Their Ultimate Blackened Deathcore Record Elegy + Menacing Single ‘From Ruin… We Rise’

Shadow of Intent Of Fury Review

If you’re a deathcore connoisseur, you might be across Shadow of Intent, and already be pre-ordering their just announced fourth studio album, Elegy through Blood Blast Distribution, and you’d also now that it’s coming out on January 14th. And in fact, that release date is turning out to be a popular one, as it joins Fit For An Autopsy with the release of Oh What The Future Holds as well as Underoath with Voyeurist as well as a new one from Enterprise Earth. What do we need the rest of 2022 for, anyway? 

Let’s take back a step. Some of you may not have heard of blackened deathcore band Shadow of Intent. The Connecticut band have made a name for themselves with their preceding three records, since their inception in 2013. They really started getting worldwide attention in the last couple of years though, namely with their third record Melancholy released in 2019 – that should be enough to get you started.

Fast-forward to today, and the band have released a brutal cover of Lamb of God‘s ‘Laid to Rest’ which actually rips with some wondering how the song could get heavier than the writers made it, and whether it might even sound better than the original – we’ll leave you to decide. Aside from the cover, Shadow of Intent also led some excitement this year with hectic single ‘Intensified Genocide’ which certainly did the rounds. Well, the band have just announced that ‘Intensified Genocide’ will join their brand new track ‘From Ruin… We Rise’ on upcoming record Elegy. The record has some awesome guest features too, including Testament‘s Chuck Billy and Whitechapel‘s Phil Bozeman

We’ve talked about the band, the new album, its release date – it’s time to check out the new single. ‘From Ruin… We Rise’ despatches eerie keys which rapidly boil down into tuned-down riffs and explosive drums. Vocalist Ben Duerr belches a deep and verse, as the rest of the band slows down to their blackened deathcore MO. The chorus combines overlays of the band’s extreme highs and lows, with operatic keys floating on the topic, an epic factor all the way through. The impeccable production is worth noting, with every sound  and timing perfected, making the song a total masterpiece. 

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Shadow of Intent – From Ruin… We Rise’ here

Pre-order Shadow of Intent‘s upcoming record Elegy here

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Shadow of Intent – Elegy tracklisting

1. Farewell
2. Saurian King
3. The Coming Fire
4. Of Fury
5. Intensified Genocide
6. Life of Exile
7. Where Millions Have Come To Die (feat. Phil Bozeman)
8. From Ruin… We Rise
9. Blood in the Sands of Time (feat. Chuck Billy)
10. Reconquest
11. Elegy I: Adapt
12. Elegy II: Devise
13. Elegy III: Overcome

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