Memphis May Fire Shuffle On The Dancefloor With Pop-Metalcore Song ‘Somebody’

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2010s metalcore is back, and not in a retro way. It’s the real deal. So many of our favourite acts are back in full force in 2021, and Memphis May Fire are leading the charge. The band have roared into the year with heaps of new music, and are yet to announce a new record, and the announcement with Rise Records is palpable. Surely, today is the big day?! Alas, we do not have an album announcement from the Texan band, however, we a fourth single from the boys, titled ‘Somebody’ and she’s a belter. 

Let’s take a quick step back. In case you missed the Memphis May Fire revival, the guys have already dropped ‘Blood & Water‘, ‘Death Inside‘ and ‘Bleed Me Dry‘ – which were all rather superb, albeit no record to classify them together yet. Fast-forward to October 1st and we’ve got ‘Somebody’ which takes the ‘heavy’ new era of the band to… well not quite a halt, but perhaps some diversity. Let’s take a look.

Somebody’ starts with a grinding riff that has you hooked already. Vocalist Matty Mullins comes in with a distorted yet rhythmic clean-verse which quickly pops into a club-song rather rapidly. After a signature Memphis May Fire chorus, that gurgle returns with more Mullins bounce to it. It’s a decent track, and complements the diversity that the band brings and may cater to the new-age fans, with a nod to the old-school fans towards the end with a dirty little breakdown – definitely worth a suss on this fine #NewMusicFriday. 

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Bleed Me Dry’ here

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  1. Caleb Schroeder // October 2, 2021 at 1:05 am //

    KIller song!

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