DREGG Drop Ode to Dragon Ball Z Badass ‘Trunks’

Prepare for a nostalgic trip to the past just like how the protagonist of this song first appearaed in the Dragon Ball Z universe…

Genre-bending lords DREGG have combined their love for metal and anime together with a song dedicated to DBZ‘s Trunks, the time-travelling badass sent back in time to warn Goku about the threat of the Androids… no, not the band, the robotic weapons that you just wished would fuck off from the series as a kid. But it’s no coincidence they chose to create a song involving the Young Boy of Mystery, as we asked the band, this song is relative to the current world around us:

‘We thought Trunks was the fitting avatar to write about the current state of the world through,
he was able to warn the past of what was to come’.

The end result is yet another thumping song from the Aussie band who are just firing on all cylinders at the moment and proving why their signing to Epitaph Records was an absolute score for both parties. This track is nu-metalcore meets EDM and rap all fusion danced into one song that’ll make Gotenks look like a mere child.

But before you hear it in full, we had to ask the boys who would win in a fight between their boy Trunks ans the ULTIMATE DBZ character of all time – Super Sayian Vegeta? To which they replied:

“As much as we’d love to back Trunks he couldn’t take Vegeta in Super Saiyan form haha”

Mad respect for speaking the truth, kiddo!

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