State Champs Pay Homage to Fall Out Boy’s Early Days with ‘Chicago Is So Two Years Ago’

How great is it that State Champs are back in our lives?! The US pop punkers returned to the forefront of our minds last month with upbeat new jam ‘Just Sound’ then followed it up with the unforgettable pop punk anthem, ‘Outta My Head’ (top contender for song of the year IMO). Last weekend the band celebrated their return to live shows with a huge set at Chicago’s Riot Fest, and threw in a cover of Fall Out Boy’s ‘Chicago Is So Two Years Ago’ (who originate from the Windy City).

The Champs boys have even recorded a studio version of that cover for those of us that weren’t able to attend Riot Fest. The song appeared on Fall Out Boy’s 2003 album, Take This To Your Grave — the record that saw the band stirring up a storm on social media network MySpace with hits like ‘Saturday’ and ‘Grand Theft Autumn’. The album basically set Fall Out Boy up for scene domination a mere two years later with From Under the Cork Tree. And, the rest is history.

While it’s probably futile in hoping that Fall Out Boy will ever play songs like ‘Chicago Is So Two Years Ago’, at least we can be thankful for bands like State Champs paying respects to iconic pop punk albums with their highly energetic signature blend of sugar-coated pop punk. The boys are truly rising the ranks as leaders in the scene this year and it won’t be long before we’re writing about some new band honouring the epicness of State Champs’ breakthrough, The Finer Things.

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

Stream ‘Chicago Is So Two Years Ago’ here

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