7 Goood Collaborations That All Good Things Love!

It’s been a month since the release of All Good Things’ single ‘The Comeback‘ (featuring Craig Mabbit of Escape The Fate) put the band on the map and they released their new album A Hope In Hell (our review here) and so we tracked them down for a comeback of their own to put the spotlight back on the band and their favourite seven collaborations…

#7 – ‘Walk This Way’ – Run DMC & Aerosmith

Dan is a big Aerosmith fan, but we all agree that this was one of if not THE groundbreaker song that mixed rap and hip hop with rock and created a whole new genre. Who knew that this iconic rock riff would bang so hard with a hip hop sample? I love how they are LITERALLY breaking down a wall between them in a video too. Perfect because they broke down the wall between styles and stereotypes too with this song. Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like this song. 

#6 – ‘The Lottery’ – The Used and Caleb Shomo

Everyone in the band loves Beartooth and The Used, so when these two acts collaborated it was destined to be great. The melodies are super theatrical and reminiscent of My Chemical Romance, and the harmonies are on point. The song is crossing time all over the place, just following the flow of the melody, which is really effective.

Love the chaotic breakdown too. 

#5 – ‘Hunger Strike’ – Temple of the Dog

Okay so it’s a “super group” rather than a “collaboration”, but two of the cornerstones of 90’s grunge getting together was obviously going to be awesome. Love how the song is all about making music for the love of it, and not worrying about whether it’s going to make money or be super successful.

Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder’s voices go so well together. Wish we could have seen this one live. 

#4 – ‘Kickapoo’ – Tenacious D, Ronnie James Dio and Meatloaf

Anything Tenacious D do is always a theatrical masterpiece with stops, changes and dramatic “tongue in cheek”  lyrics. So it was no surprise that this song written for “the pick of destiny” bangs with Meatloaf and Ronnie James Dio.   Meatloaf kinda started that theatrical rock style, and nothing is more dramatic than Holy Diver, so if you’re “hungry for the rock” and you want to “learn the ancient methods”,  Jack, Kyle, Ronnie and Marvin hold all the keys.     

#3 – ‘Beat It’ – Michael Jackson and Eddie Van Halen

This collab was inspired. Quincy Jones, who always had a crazy talent for pulling together unexpected but awesome collaborations,  really reached outside the comfort zone into the hard rock world, and the result was magical. 

Eddie is one of those rare guitarists whose solos are super melodic, have flow and development, and are catchy and memorable AF.  That’s why when you sing along to Beat it, you sing the whole guitar solo as well. 

Heard Eddie VH say in an interview that Michael Jackson called him to ask him to be on the track, and at first Eddie hung up on him, thinking it was someone pranking him. So Michael had to call him back and say “no it really is Michael Jackson, and I really do want you to play on my record”. 

#2 – ‘Animals’ (orchestral version) – Architects and Orchestra

Ok so technically it’s not an artist collab, but it is definitely two completely different styles coming together, and we think it’s one of the most amazing releases of recent times. We already loved Architects, and tend to gravitate to English Metal bands like them, BMTH, Asking Alexandria etc. But mixing an orchestra with their sound was genius. Sounds super classy and timeless. Those strings chugging along with the guitars are immense. LOVE this record. 

#1 – ‘Stan’ – Eminem and Dido

Eminem still stands out as one of the most groundbreaking rappers of our time. I think every music lover and musician can relate to the story of “Stan” and how often we worship and adore artists because we feel their lyrics speak directly and personally to us. The juxtaposition of  a  cool, quiet, moody English female vocal singing about gratitude, with the increasing intensity and desperation of Stans story is just chilling. Apparently the word “Stan” is now in the Oxford Dictionary, referring to someone who is obsessed. Can’t believe this song didn’t win a Grammy. BS.

Written by All Good Things

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All Good Things – A Hope In Hell tracklisting:

1. Kingdom
2. Hold On
3. For The Glory (feat. Johnny 3 Tears and Charlie Scene of Hollywood Undead)
4. Sirens
5. Do It Now (feat. Hyro the Hero)
6. Push Me Down
7. Machines
8. Undefeated
9. Lights Out
10. The Comeback (feat. Craig Mabbitt of Escape The Fate)
11. Four Letter Words
12. End Of The World
13. A Hope In Hell