Placebo Return with Nostalgic Slap To The Face on ‘Beautiful James’

With it’s opening lines of “Bring Me Back To Life” it’s officially time to say Placebo are back, baby!

It’s been five very long years since we last heard from the OG emo/alt rockers and they’ve burst back into the scene with their new anthem ‘Beautiful James‘, a track that celebrates non-heteronormative relationships. Vocalist/synth-lord Brian Molko‘s distinct vocals bring with them a sense of nostalgia that calms and awakens something inside you that has been laying dormant. Seriously, if you grew up listening to ‘Every Me, Every You‘ and ‘Pure Morning‘, you’re gonna be instantly taken back to that era just by hearing his singing!

On the song, the band says:

“If the song serves to irritate the squares and the uptight, so gleefully be it. But it remains imperative for me that each listener discovers their own personal story within it – I really don’t want to tell you how to feel.”

Word has it this is the start of Placebo‘s new album campaign so stay tuned for more to come from the band in future…

Stream ‘Beautiful Jameshere

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