Josh Campiao – Hellions ‘Opera Oblivia All Knight And Day’

It’s been a hot minute since we last hear from Hellions camp and we were so stoked to see their name on the Knight And Day Festival lineup for two reasons – their return to the stage AND their plans to play Opera Oblivia in full.

To keep the hype game flowing, we tracked down guitarist/vocalist Josh Campiao to go inside the mind of the band as they prepare for the comeback we’ve all been waiting for, their plans at (and in the lead up to) the festival and the band they could take down in a jousting tournament – should things get out of hand at the quirky medieval venue…

Hellions! You’re back and heading to Knight and Day – how did it feel being the FIRST EVER artist announced for this killer new festival?

It feels great. By the time we play this festival it’ll have been almost 2 years since we last played a show. We didn’t know when we’d next be playing a show let alone a festival and to be on one with a line up this stacked is a great way to come back to playing again.

Agreed! And you’re celebrating your return by playing Opera Oblivia in full – what is it about this album that made it a MUST to play for a fifth anniversary set?

It was a big record for us. It led to a lot of opportunities and experiences that we wouldn’t have otherwise had. It connected and resonated with the people who already listened to us, along with a lot of people who weren’t familiar with us or who had never heard of us before. It’s something us as band hold a special place for in our hearts. We owe a lot to the record and would like to celebrate it with people who hopefully hold a special place somewhere in themselves for it too.

You’ve played countless music festivals over the years and this one is a completely different setup in comparison to the rest – what are you boys looking forward to the most when you’re not on stage?

I think we’re keen to have a suss of the grounds and seeing what it’s all about. I’m not really too clued on with what’s happening in the medieval world, so I was surprised to find out a place like this exists in Australia.

It’s definitely a first for us and we’ve played some pretty weird places.

Which band from the lineup do Hellions reckon they could take on in a jousting tournament?

Trophy Eyes, they talk it up.

Now THAT’s a battle I’d be on the barrier of the arena for! Things have been a bit quiet behind the scenes at Hellions HQ for a couple of years now – what have you guys been working on or planning since we last heard from you?

We’ve been taking our time writing. We’re not in a rush to put anything out just for the sake of putting it out.

“It’ll have been almost 2 years since we last played a show…” Josh Campiao in Hellions. Photo: Mitch Chamberlain

Would we be right in saying there may be an opportunity to hear some new material at (or in the lead up to) the festival – or is it strictly Opera Oblivia only for you guys?

There might be!

Interesting… You’ll see out two of the worst years you’ve experienced at Knight and Day – what are you most looking forward to when the clock hits midnight on January 1st, 2022?

Being surrounded by friends and feeling some sense of normality after 2 years of anything but.

There’s a torture museum at Kryal Castle – if you could add one new age torture device or procedure to the museum (for future historians) what would you include?

Being on a long road trip and the person on the aux chord changes the music 30 seconds in to every song, never lets one play the whole way through.

I’ve got a mate like that, his name is Jacko… urgh! For those who are on the fence about coming – why should we jump in the car and head to Kryal Castle???

Don’t be a gronk, come and celebrate with us and with everyone on the festival. We’ve missed you all.

We’ve missed you Hellions too, see you there JC!

Interview by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

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