Seas Of Conflict Return With Deeply Emotive Song ‘XII.IX’

Down in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s not all about the Aussie bands kicking ass, we tend to forget that across the ditch, our mates in New Zealand are firing up with their own heavy scene and a band we’ve had the pleasure of covering over the years is Seas of Conflict who are back following a bit of a breather with a new emotionally driven offering for us all.

XII.IX‘ (aka “twelve nine) is a slow-jam, prog metal track that starts off slow, but opens up with its huge climax, inspired by turbulent times frontman Kody Naidoo experienced:

“XII.IX was written about a particular moment in my life where I had experienced the loss of someone who was once very important to me… I had written these lyrics as a way of expressing how I had been feeling about the situation, and my state of mind years on from that time.”

After sitting on the song for a bit, he teamed up with drummer Nic Martin to record and produce it alongside long time friend Zorran Mendonsa who has been at the helm of producing all of Seas of Conflict‘s previous work and they enlisted the help of masterer George Lever who has worked with some of the band’s biggest inspirations like Sleep Token, Loathe, and Holding Absence.

Following a lineup change that left Kody and Nic alone in the band, they decided they couldn’t have all their hard work go to waste, so they’ve been working hard on the project’s next phase:

“After a good few months of soul-searching, we both decided that Seas couldn’t end on a sour note. We worked through this track and one other with a refined approach, and have come out the other side knowing that XII.IX is the right song to signal our return and perseverance.”

While this is just the start of the band’s comeback, there’s more to come, including a debut album which the band are bashing away with while COVID takes the world away from us.

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