Nautical Mile – Embers (EP Review)

Nautical Mile – Embers
Released: September 10, 2021


Brodi Owen // vocals
Caleb Wynter // drums
Dan Ray // guitar
Nick Henrisson // bass
Jake Vimini // guitar



Nautical Mile have been laying low for much of the past year and a half, but we haven’t forgotten the potential they threw our way when they released their debut full-length, The Only Way Is Through back in November 2019. Their mosh-worthy anthems was a solid blend of whirring pop punk tracks that packed some lighthearted punch in their growing career, and ultimately led to a signing with US independent label Manic Kat Records. Embers is a taste of what the band have been hard at work at over the past year, and a hint of where they’re headed.

The EP lurches straight into alternative/rock territory with ‘Dying Light’. Straight up, this is a maturing new sound emanating from Nautical Mile. The boys are all grown up, shying away from the poppier side of the spectrum and diving straight into a darker version of themselves. ‘Purgatory’ perfectly visualises this dark aura the band are embracing on Embers which we’ve never seen before. In saying that though, the melodically heavy guitars on this adds some authenticity to a band of their calibre.

Those post-hardcore tendencies are even more evident on ‘Where Do We Go’. Vocalist Brodi Owen sounds grittier as ever on this track alongside that small taste of an ADTR-like breakdown. The breakdown was a nice touch, and I was almost expecting some layered scream elements but that never came. While I was a little let down, this song does show big potential for these West Aussie pop punkers and their future musical endeavours. Perhaps it’s those heavier elements throughout Embers that’ll see Nautical Mile stand out in the Australian music landscape. ‘Suppression’ packs in some of the more powerful riffs on this release, all while keeping the overall vibe of the song quite emotive.

The band does leave us on a strong note with title track ‘Embers’. An empowering rock anthem which feeds off feelings of personal growth, it will leave you feeling awe-inspired. The track manages to encapsulate the catchier elements of Nautical Mile’s earlier release with their edgy, new heavier style they’re now in fully embracing.

Embers showed us that Perth’s Nautical Mile are here to prove that they’re not just here to play pop punk. Overall the EP offers some of the band’s heaviest tracks to date and although it was an enjoyable listen, they kinda left me waiting too long for something more. While I didn’t find these songs nearly as catchy as their full-length debut, I do still see potential in Nautical Mile in making an impact down the line alongside their Perth heavy music counterparts. These guys are still young, and upon this release will continue to keep everyone guessing as to what they’ll release next.

Nautical Mile – Embers EP tracklisting:

1. Dying Light
2. Purgatory
3. Where Do We Go
4. Suppression
5. Embers

Rating: 7 / 10
Embers is out now via Manic Kat Records. Listen here
Review by Tamara May @citylightstam

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