Agapanther Shake Off The Dead Weight in ‘Pseudo’

Adelaide punks AGAPANTHER are bringing back the rowdy fire on new single ‘Pseudo’ this week. While previous hit ‘Last Legs’ saw the band soar to emotional trajectories, their latest banger is a middle-fingers-up kinda tune for those in your life that serve zero purpose anymore. The band further highlight:

“‘Pseudo’ rips right into those who are obliviously flaky, the ones who go out of their way to tell you they’ll be there for you, yet seem to vanish when the time comes, and it’s a massive middle finger to the people who are constantly spewing lies. Inspired by bands like Drug Church and Heart Attack Man, this punk anthem will be your catalyst and newfound confidence to finally run from those one-way, dead-end friendships.”

You’ll be shouting “FUCK FAKE FRIENDS!” down the street immediately after one listen. It’s a brutally honest anthem that’ll send the keenest of punks fist pumping at the first live gig this summer. With each new tune they release, AGAPANTHER continue to show that they’re one of the country’s most underrated hardcore/punk outfits. Keep the tracks coming guys!

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

Stream ‘Pseudo’ here

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