Suss Out Angels & Airwaves Seductively Sexy ‘Spellbound’

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What’s this? A new song from Angels & Airwaves? Get outta town!

No wait, check it out first because ‘Spellbound‘ is 100% pure sexiness wrapped up in four and a bit minutes! From the second this little diddy begins, the spotlight is on the bass section which means newcomer Matt Rubano gets his time to shine in the spotlight. For the ill-infomeed, Matt was handpicked by frontman Tom DeLonge to join the band because of his skills previously playing in Taking Back Sunday, which he mentioned to us when we sat down with him and drummer Ilan Rubin backstage at Lollapalooza last month:

“Tom in particular was very supportive of the band, and he had directed one of our early videos. So when the phone call came to have a chat with Tom and he asked if I wanted to make some music, it was a very easy decision to make. Not only because I had known him for a long time, and David, and had met Ilan once or twice, but as a bass player, joining a rhythm section with someone like Ilan, it’s a very, very easy decision to make”

The disco-esque/synth sounds are back again for the new earworm which slows things down for what can only be described as a sexy soundtrack for stripping, love making or just grooving along to on your own. Once again for the hardcore AvA fans, I’m getting throwback feels to the Chasing Shadows EP title track, and elements of 2014’s The Dream Walker with a primary focus on the bass, vocals and EDM sounds throughout, more so than the rock instrumentals on their previously released tunes. It’s yet another great release from an album that’s already packing a vast array of ecclectic sounds and musical styles.

Lifeforms is out September 24th via Rise Records. Are you ready for it?
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Angels & Airwaves – Lifeforms tracklisting

1. Timebomb
2. Euphoria
3. Spellbound
4. No More Guns
5. Losing My Mind
6. Automatic
7. Restless Souls
8. Rebel Girl
9. A Fire in a Nameless Town
10. Kiss & Tell

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