PREMIERE: PSTCRDS Unload Energetic New Single ‘Inside Your Head’

It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard anything from Newcastle pop punk outfit PSTCRDS. Their debut EP, This Place Or Our Pace (our review here) came out during the height of the pandemic last year and since its release, songs like ‘Memories’ and ‘Change & Grow’ kinda haven’t left our regular listening playlists.

Now, the band are forging a new path in their music by overloading all our systems with some of their boppiest, heaviest songs to date. ‘Inside Your Head’ sees the band absolutely send it down easycore avenues, while maintaining a catchy as heck melody that’s ridiculously hard to get out of your head. Not to mention the progression heard here comes about so naturally from last year’s release. The more I listen, the more from PSTCRDS I need, and this is hands down my top single of the week.

No doubt ‘Inside Your Head’ will send the band higher up in the Australian pop punk scene as hot contenders, and with their forthcoming two-track EP, System Overload dropping this Friday their rise is imminent. So to celebrate PSTCRDS making the comeback we’ve been holding out all year for, we thought it’d be cool to get inside their heads about some of the most pressing issues surrounding music and popular culture…

Which horror film villain do you think you could outlast? 

Brad Reid (bass/vocals): I would say Freddy Kruger. Throughout lockdown any sleep schedule I had got abandoned when I wasn’t at work so I reckon I could stay awake and outlast him, haha.

Tom Pockett (guitar/vocals): Voldemort, ‘cause he could never smell you coming.

Machine Gun Kelly’s Tickets to My Downfall album… tell us your HONEST opinion of this album.

Henry Holzberger (guitar): Personally, I loved it. Came out of left field like crazy and really helped elevate the genre into a mainstream audience that really wouldn’t have batted an eye if it wasn’t put forward by someone with such prominence in a mainstream sense. I feel he also delivered it with respect to the genre as well.

Which PSTCRDS song would you send to Tony Hawk to get featured on the next Pro Skater instalment?

TomChange & Grow for sure. It’s fast, loud, and in your face. Would fit in well with the rest of the songs on those games. 

HenryYeah, Change & Grow. Would fit well alongside a 720 McTwist.

Bring Me the Horizon’s musical progression over the years – inspirational band or metalcore sellouts?

BradBMTH I see more as progression. They wanted to make a change with their sound and I think they are a good example of how that should be done, they stuck to what they wanted and created a new sound they loved. I think they have pulled that off incredibly as well as finding a whole new fan base along the way. Solid work by them.

Which band is on the verge of blowing up right now?

Literally every member of PSTCRDS: Between You & Me. Lovely guys, super hard working, super talented. Definitely deserve more recognition and love.

Interview by Tamara May @citylightstam

PSTCRDS’ new EP, System Overload is out Friday. Pre-save here

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