Haven’t Sussed Don Broco Yet? ‘Uber’ May Just Tickle Your Fancy!

The countdown is offically on until Don Broco release their highly anticipated album Amazing Things (out October 22 – pushed back) and today we have a new song from the lads to sink your teeth into called ‘Uber‘ – which I can forsee becoming a soundtrack for your trip home from a crazy night home – you know, when you’re allowed to leave your houses properly again…

With elements of UK rock icons Queen present throughout and a throwback sound to their bullshit crazy cameo-filled single ‘Action‘, this’ll please long time fans but also bring in more from the heavy music scene for sure. Frontman Rob Damiani’s vocal range and style is not only captivating, but reassures us why he is one of the best newcomers in the game at the moment.

Don Broco‘s trajectory is only going upwards from here and their album, with four singles out, certainly backs up this claim. Now is the time to become a fan or get left behind…

Stream ‘Uberhere

Pre-Order/Save Amazing Things here

Don Broco – Amazing Things tracklisting

1. Gumshield
2. Manchester Super Reds No.1 Fan
3. Swimwear Season
4. Endorphins
5. One True Prince
6. Anaheim
7. Uber
8. How Are You Done With Existing?
9. Bruce Willis
10. Revenge Body
11. Bad 4 Ur Health
12. Easter Sunday

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