Void Of Vision Drop Call-To-Arms Anthem ‘THE LONELY PEOPLE’

The next era of Void of Vision has arrived and it’s heavy. Real heavy.

Crippled by the pandemic which stopped each and every musician in their tracks, frontman Jack Bergin knuckled down and began putting his thoughts to paper, turnign his mental health struggles into music and the end result has arrived with ‘THE LONELY PEOPLE‘, a track the band have been teasing for the past couple of weeks.

According to Jack, this one is a song for musicians, by musicians:

“For the first time in my life as a musician I was sharing the same experience as so many other artists, strangely connected and suffering simultaneously. Through the extremely isolating timeline that really just had no end in sight, with setback after setback, the insane desire to create and perform reached new unearthly levels…”

And we saw evidence of this with the band’s 2020 Hyperdaze (Reduxalbum, featuring collaborations with various artists within the music industry and diversifying Void of Vision‘s potential reach to new profound levels. This is a band who are firing on all cylinders and not stopping for anyone!

This new age/era of the band is not only felt within VoV camp, but the entire music industry which jack explains are in this together, now more so than ever:

“I feel like we’re witnessing a rebirth of so many calloused individuals that were faced with an impossible adversity. The past year has left us all with this insatiable appetite and an unspoken bond formed between the entire music community. We’re all willing to do anything we can to bring our art back into frame, and deep down know that we’re not alone there.”

He’s not wrong. Everyday since the pandemic hit, we’ve constantly been asking for the Arts/Music sectors to receive the funding and support it so rightfully deserves from our government. Sadly, out calls seem to be falling upon deaf ears…

Has Void of Vision created an them to kickstart a cause worth fighting for? Absolutely.


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