Real Friends Get All Emo with New Single ‘Teeth’ + Announce New EP

Is it pop punk week or what this week?! With State Champs and Between You and Me also dropping the heat, Real Friends have also found it the perfect opportunity to announce their forthcoming new EP, Torn in Two on September 17 via Pure Noise Records.

Torn in Two will be the band’s first release with new vocalist Cody Muraro and new single ‘Teeth’ kinda acts as his official initiation into Real Friends with the song being deeply personal to him:

“‘Teeth’ is a very personal song for me. It touches on some of the years leading up to just before I joined Real Friends.
I had gone through some of the most challenging years of my life. After sharing some of my experiences with the group and Andrew Wade, Andrew said, ‘Ok, brutal, now let’s turn that into a song.’”

‘Teeth’ pulls at your deepest, darkest secrets with the deep emotion that Cody sings over soft guitar acoustics by the rest of the band. Also, if Andrew Wade sounds familiar, that’s because he’s also worked with A Day To Remember and Neck Deep, so Real Friends have slid themselves alongside some good company for the upcoming release. If you’re feeling a little down from the world around you lately, then you definitely need to get around Torn in Two to help you feel a little more grounded, because according to Cody:

I feel music and these songs bring things back together for me. I hope these songs can make you feel connected in just the same way.”

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

Pre-order Torn in Two here

Real Friends – Torn in Two EP tracklisting:

1. Remedy For Reality
2. Nervous Wreck
3. Teeth
4. Spinning
5. Storyteller
6. Remedy For Reality (Re-Imagined)
7. Nervous Wreck  (Re-Imagined)
8. Teeth  (Full Band)
9. Spinning  (Re-Imagined)
10. Storyteller (Re-Imagined

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