Take Breath – A Caged Bird Will Sing (EP Review)

Take Breath – A Caged Bird Will Sing
Released: August 20, 2021


George Andrews // Vocals
Flynn Gillions // Guitar & Vocals
Louis Doran // Drums
Peter Mould // Guitar



Forming only recently in 2019, Take Beath from the United Kingdom were quick to catch our attention when they released an EP titled The Hell In All I Held Too Close (our review here). It left us hanging for more. Finally, the time has come for us to experience more of what this four-piece has to offer.

Kicking off the EP is ‘A Storm Like Death’, melodic guitars and mid-high range unclean vocals are what initially catches my attention. The guitar melodies are beautiful and flow seemingly easy to create a smooth listening experience. I find that the unclean vocals sound a tad forced, particularly when vocalist George Andrews reaches his higher notes. Flynn Gillions clean vocals are an excellent addition to this piece, adding a dynamic that is simply refreshing.

We are then taken to ‘The Hands That Guide’. hard-hitting guitar riffs throughout the intro hit you like a punch to the nose. Vocalist Andrews focuses on his mid-range vocals more intently in this song, which seems to create a more unstrained, organic feel. The fluctuation of tempo really leaves me on the edge of my seat as the song is unpredictable, yet catchy and melodic, leaving me whistling the tune well after I’ve taken off my headphones as I can’t get it out of my head.

The final track on the EP is ‘Ghosts’, which to me is the stand-out song on this EP. The long eerie intro leads into chugging guitars and emotionally fuelled unclean vocals which has left an incredibly strong impact on me. Drummer Louis Doran flow as a musician is faultless and this piece is an excellent example of this. Andrews’ deep, low screams at the song’s outro leave me having to pick my jaw off the ground.

This is an excellent EP that displays the raw talent of the band and the individuals of each member. I was, however, a little disappointed with the production quality of the EP, it seems touch and go, all bands work to a budget though. I am definitely keeping my eye on this band to see what they do next.

Take Breath – A Caged Bird Will Sing tracklisting:

1. A Storm Like Death
2. The Hands That Guide
3. Ghosts

Rating 8/10
A Caged Bird Will Sing is out Friday.
Review by Adam Rice

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