D.O.G. Deliver Chaotic Metalcore on ‘In Memoriam’

Born out of the NY hardcore punk scene, D.O.G. are here to make a longlasting statement with their raw blend of hardcore and brand new single ‘In Memoriam’ is set to see the band climb to new heights. Featuring a heated mix of instrumentals and heavy cleans thrown in, the song is quite the riot.

Vocalist Dominick Fox highlights how this song in particular is the beginning of a new growth phase for D.O.G:

“’In Memoriam’ is a track that’s about ‘thoughts and prayers’ not being enough of a response or solution to continuous and repeated murder and tragedy at the hands of police and/or government. It’s also our band’s first track to feature clean singing and more of an actual chorus. That’s something we’re planning to experiment more with on future releases so we wanted this song to be a single, not only because of its subject matter, but also as a heads up to listeners how the band is growing musically.”

The band released their debut EP, Mental Destroyer during the summer of 2020 when America was going through the worst of the pandemic. While this release provided us with a little more of the hardcore/punk sound (think Everytime I Die), living through a pandemic has given the band a new perspective, and they’re looking to evolve their already chaotic sound in a more meaningful way than before.

Inspired heavily the US political landscape of the past year, expect D.O.G.’s forthcoming album, ANTI next month to be even bigger than last year’s release as they take on a political stance through their lyrics while expanding their hardcore edge into metalcore territory. If we’re going off this latest track, ANTI is going to be a release you’ll need to dig into next month!

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

D.O.G’s new album, ANTI is out September 3 via Smartpunk Records. Pre-order here

D.O.G. – ANTI tracklisting:

1. Ignorant
2. Anti
3. Street Sharks
4. Fake Patriot
5. Fake Punk
6. In Memoriam
7. War
8. Hatred
9. S.O.T.S.
10. Hands Up
11. Day After Day
12. Mental Destroyer

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