Get Diesect’s ‘Bury You’ & ‘Bury Me’ In Your Ears Now!

I owe a lot of my early heavy music discoveries to my brother Josh, who first introduced me to the likes of KoRn, Linkin Park and Slipknot back in the early 2000s. He then went on to become a rap/hip-hop fan and, well, we won’t hold that against him… But here we are 21 years later and he’s just pointed me in the direction of a new Gold Coast band called Diesect, who, over the past two weeks have dropped two heavy as fuck debut tracks that are gonna have you turning your head wondering why the fuck you slept on them until now!

Firstly, let’s get to know the boys! According to vocalist Damien Bigara, the story of how they came to be is:

“Diesect as a band came together quite quickly, all of the members being from the Gold Coast made things easy and with our experience in other bands and projects we were able to self produce and record our debut EP. After taking a break from metal and creating underground dark rap/scream rap, I was coming back to metal around the same time our guitarist Jacob was thinking of starting a new project. Us both being guitarists, we started writing songs together which we really liked and eventually decided to piece together a full band and take things further”

We’re glad they did because these two new tracks are killer.

The first single was ‘Bury You‘ – which instantly smashes you in the face with those guitars and bellowing screams (akin to that of Alpha Wolf, Starve, OVTSIDER and LUNE), but it’s the guitar string scrapes throughout that truly send chills up your spine. It’s almost like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock flick that was remade by Rob Zombie. This song fits perfectly alongside the vast array of heavy bands who have come up the ranks in recent years and I guarantee it’ll be an instany fav the second you hit play!

The latest offering is ‘Bury Me‘ and those distinct guitar scrapes are back in what sounds like a continuation of the first single. According to Damien, the tracks intertwine with each other to tell a bigger story:

“These two singles act as a two-part sequence with the inspiration coming from an inward and outward perspective. ‘Bury Me’ portrays introspection at personal issues such as addiction and codependency and the emotions felt due to these vices while ‘Bury You’ displays an outward, aggressive perspective and the feelings of rage and anger felt from exterior situations and environments These coincide with the ‘Bury Me, Bury You’ phrase in the sense of realising these perspectives are constant, and that wherever the target may be aimed, it still continuously shapes another.”

With lyrics like ‘Another prescription to shove down your throat / Another shell of man just becoming a ghost / I’m becoming the same thing that I hate the most / Stare into the abyss and it’ll make you a clone’ you can feel the pain in vocalist Bigaras delivery. Combine that with the rest of the band and you’ve got the makings of one of the most interesting finds of the year (so far). Check them our and stay tuned for more, I certainly will be!

Words by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

Diesect is Damien Bigara (vocals), Gary Handelaar (guitar), Jacob Rentoule (guitar),
Jake Camilleri (drums) and Jordy Bennet (bass).

Stream ‘Bury You‘ & ‘Bury Mehere

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