OVTSIDER Debut New Video To Celebrate ‘A Necessary End’

Did you miss the exciting two-track EP release last week by Adelaide hardcore outfit OVTSIDER last week? Unless you were down with Covid or something, then there really is no excuse not to jump onto these guys. What the band have sought to deliver with these new songs is a jarring blend of cutting edge riffs in similar key to some of the country’s biggest metalcore acts.

With their technically-driven metalcore tracks in tow, the band are well on their way to becoming frontrunners in the country’s heavy music scene. To celebrate A Necessary End, the OVTSIDER boys have combined the tracks into one incredible music video, complete with closed captions. Vocalist Tom Drizner shares:

“When it came to the music video we chose to try something different and shoot with a green screen (done by bassist Coen Miller and myself). This gave us the ability to try out new things visually, as well as sending it off to have more visuals added externally as the release’s art direction started to come together.

With the songs flowing together both musically and lyrically themed, it made sense to put them together as one ‘short film’ in a sense and keep ‘A Necessary End’ as the compilation it was intended to be.”

On the addition of closed captions (kinda like a lyric video, if you will), the band are looking to make their music as inclusive and accessible to everyone regardless of limitations:

“We intentionally included closed captions in the video for more than the ‘horror aesthetic’ as we wanted to be more inclusive and accessible. If someone who may be hard of hearing comes across our video and is able to experience ‘A Necessary End’ through CC being included, I think that’s something more bands should try to do.

It’s become something that I’m trying to actively include in our content and to keep challenging both myself and the rest of the band to be better at.”

An incredibly talented, upcoming metal/hardcore act doing great things for the scene. Love ya work guys!

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam 

OVTSIDER’s new EP, A Necessary End is out now. Listen here

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