Crown The Empire Unveil ‘In Another Life’ feat. Spiritbox’s Courtney LaPlante

Let’s face it, you’re probably here to hear Spiritbox‘s Courtney LaPlante featuring on Crown The Empire‘s new song and that’s not a bad thing – LaPlante is one of the most sought after artists in the metalcore world right now so it’s understandable why everyone wants a piece of her. The good news is ‘In Another Life‘ sounds like a sibling of Spiritbox so you’re kinda getting two for the price of one with this release.

Kicking off with fast-paced heaviness, djenty guitars and the dualling vocals of Andrew Rockhold and Hayden Tree, they waste no time in gaining your attention and continuing to hold it for the duration fo the rest of the song.. But, just past the halfway mark, out of nowhere, Mrs LaPlante comes from the darkness and offers her iconic clean vocals before erupting into a screamfest that’ll make you instantly smile like a Cheshire cat.

It’s a great song from a band that have been hit and miss (for me personally) over the years and if they continue in this direction, I may find myself becoming more of a fan in no time.

Words by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

Stream ‘In Another Lifehere

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