MGK & Travis Barker Drop Latest Collab Hit ‘Papercuts’

After announcing their new album’s title earlier in the week, Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker are back yet again with new music for us to lose our minds over and the first taste of their next era comes in the form of ‘Papercuts‘, a pop punk blast to the face that shows MGK has taken the genre by storm and cemented his place within it with the help of the GOAT drummer himself.

Papercuts‘ kicks off slow before the guitar riff opens up and we’re greeted with an upbeat, balladesque rock track that’s less pop punk and more mature in it’s approach reflecting on Kells’ drug use and bad habits. In comparison to what we heard on MGK’s last album Tickets To My Downfall, this new single is slower in tempo (kinda/sorta post-grunge) and may take a few spins to grow on you, unlike the previously released belters ‘Forget Me Too‘ and ‘Bloody Valentine‘. Who knows if the rest of the songs on their next release – titled Born With Horns – will sound similar or if they’ll head in a completely different direction to throw our expectations off completely. Either way, we’re in for one hell of a ride! No set date for the album’s release has been given yet, stay tuned for more!

MGK & Barker – Besties with matching tatties

Both musicians back their new album so much they shared their matching album title tattoos with the world earlier this week to get us all amped up for its release (and it obviously worked if you’re here). What do you reckon? Keen as fuck for a second helping of Kelly/Barker? Let us know and share the fuck outta the song below!

Words by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

Stream ‘Papercutshere

Pre-order born with horns here

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  1. MGK LOL you’ve had no good songs since slim shady Marshall Mathers tore your ass up to play with the bull you get the horns

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