Wolf & Chain Begin New Cult Narrative on ‘Taste of Blood’

Did I just watch a Riverdale episode?

What looks like a scene inspired by some of the biggest teen dramas on television, is actually Wolf & Chain’s latest single, ‘Taste of Blood’. The band are ramping up progress off the back of their debut EP, An Honest Mistake last year by stepping back to their roots for a moment. From the moody guitar strums to vocalist Jack Cumes’ very distinctive, almost iconic vocal tone wavering over the strums, ‘Taste of Blood’ sees Wolf & Chain embark on a new cult-narrative.

Setting the scene in a bar complete with vampire gangs and bar brawls, the video takes us on a storyline that’s seemingly inspired by a combination of True Blood and Riverdale and in true television style, leaves us with the ultimate cliffhanger — Cumes tied up in the back of a car. Sharing the song’s meaning, the distinguished frontman shares:

“Vampires feel like such an appropriate metaphor for this concept of deadly love. Those feelings can often leave you craving them, feeling withdrawals and not sleeping at night. Often romanticised as the idea of spending eternity in love, ‘Taste of Blood’ portrays this concept with a darker tone. What appears to be a tall, dark, brooding stranger with inexplicable feelings of love is actually a bloodthirsty stalker who will do anything to have you as their own forever.” 

With each new release, this emo/punk outfit from Adelaide just continue to gain even bigger momentum. Complete with enormous punk energy being revealed in the post chorus, ‘Taste of Blood’ is surely the onset of Wolf & Chain’s biggest breakthrough yet.

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

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