EP PREMIERE: Larsen Deliver The Lowdown on Second Wind EP

Our little band of idiots have been at this music thing for almost seven years now, so Second Wind is more than just a title for this new EP. All at once it represents the culmination of everything we’ve learned about collaborating and creating with each other, but also a resurgence in our enthusiasm towards making music together. Second Wind encompasses our journey as a band over those last seven years, with all of the highs and lows that have come with that. Our first album in 2017 had a lot more creative conflict in the development process, as we were still finding our sound. We had different ideas and perspectives on what that sound should be and how to achieve it. We knew roughly where we wanted to get to, but the road to that destination had no signs to point the way. Going into this EP, we’ve learned how to get the most out of each other collaboratively and worked harmoniously with a clear sense of direction. We challenged each other to get the best out of all of us, never settling for ‘that’s fine’ musically or lyrically. We pushed ourselves and demanded quality. With this release, we were all on the same page creatively.

Of course, there’s no fanfare to this ‘second wind’ of ours; we’re not some massively influential band coming back from extended hiatus for ‘one last ride’ or any kind of bullshit like that. We’re definitely under the impression that in a broad sense, most people don’t know about what we do. This EP, our music and anything we’ve ever and will ever create isn’t about those people. It probably used to be. We tried for years to claw our way through the white noise of a wide-reaching, dense and diverse music scene. The application of the internet and social media and streaming services have been both a blessing and a curse for musicians and artists. We’re not even sure where we stand on ‘making it’ these days. However, when it comes down to it, anything we ever do is for the people that we have shared our journey with. Since our first nervous but exhilarating show, through all the Punk Ass Kids nights, through the tours and long car trips to play an interstate show for $100, through all the arguments, laughter and beers, we just want to make music that people want to listen to while getting sweaty in a mosh pit. We will never be grateful enough to the people that have given us their support, and we welcome anyone who wants to join us on this ride. Speaking selfishly for a second, we’re pretty stoked on these new tracks. We’ve never been more in agreement that what we have here is pretty damn good. And speaking confidently for an even briefer second, we think other people will be stoked on them, too.

The tracks on Second Wind are all pretty different from each other (within the realm of alt-rock-post-grunge or whatever you call our sound). There’s definitely a different flavour in each that separates one from the other, which was definitely by design. There’s the sad emo song, the bouncy party jam, the delicate ballad, the heavy one and the straight-up-the-guts alt rock/grunge homage. Everything that’s there will be familiar to people, just more focused and mature. For us that makeup Larsen, the end product is a reminder of why we are still together, with the same four members since the very beginning: it’s because who we are as individuals, with all of our separate musical influences and inspirations, come together into this melting pot that we’ve finally hit the right temperature for. All those little differences have ended up bringing the best out of our efforts to create music together, and they’re laid bare for all to hear on this new EP. Our band is absolutely a prime example of the final sum being worth more than the parts that put it together.

And of course, we’re still here because we love music. It’s the best thing humanity has ever done. From composing and writing to refining and polishing and finally to sharing what we do with a crowd in a pub on a Saturday night, we do this because we love all of that. As long as that love sticks around, we’ll be here.

Words by Alex Andrews (drums)

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Second Wind EP is out Friday August 6

Larsen – Second Wind EP tracklisting

1. Eating Me Alive
2. Overflow
3. Pseudo Vacant
4. Trampoline
5. Interface

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