Crystal Lake Delivered Two New Tracks This Week!

When Crystal Lake made their Australian debut on PolarisThe Death of Me Tour, none of us knew what to expect from the Japanese core giants until they hit the stage and goddamn they delivered one of the most memorable sets from a support band we’ve ever seen! From there, the hype game for these lads has been insane and this week we were treated to not one, but two new tracks from the lads.

Curse‘ came first and don’t be mistaken by it’s slow intro, once this bad girl opens up, it’s metalcore city with fast pace drumming, electronic guitars, synth and a pace and sound similar to that of The Ghost Inside. They boys are also honing in on their English singing, I’m assuming to appeal to a large market outside of their native Japan. If you’re a fan of sing-a-long core, this’ll be the single of choice for you from the band!

The song itself is a dedication to fallen heroes from the scene according to the band:

“‘Curse’ is about the legacies that legends in the music industry who passed away. They fought for music. They still make us dream to this day. I’m always grateful to them so I wanted to pay homage.”

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Mephisto‘ on the other hand, is just a fast and furious screaming belter that’s gonna have you smashing your head against the nearest brick wall – with screams, guitar solos and breakdowns full of blast beats that’ll make you blow your load instantly… sorry for the graphic visuals, but seriously, it’s fucking off the charts!

This band is legit one of the next big acts in the scene to watch because they’re only going forward with their career and with every new song that they deliver, they’re one step closer to taking the spotlight all for themselves. It won’t be long before they overtake Crossfaith as your fav export from Japan next to Asahi and Pokemon!

The band have also announced their new lineup moving forward revealing:

We’re very excited to announce that TJ has joined Crystal Lake as a guitarist. Furthermore, Gaku and Mitsuru, who have been long time touring members, are now full-time members of Crystal Lake.

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