Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Aim For A Change of Pace on ‘Complete You’

Who else is stoked about the fact that Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! are back in all their pop punky goodness this year? Their return is the breath of fresh air that the heavier side of the genre has been calling for right now, and I for one cannot wait for new album Gone Are The Good Days to be unleashed at the end of the month.

Before we get the rest of the album though, the band have hinted that on this new record they’re aiming to diversify their style just a little instead of sticking to what they’ve become so accustomed to. Newest single, ‘Complete You’ does exactly the kind of diversification the band have longed for plus so much more. While it is by far the softest of all singles released, this track sees Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! wear their heart on their sleeves and make you wonder where they’ve been hiding their emotions all this time.

As soft as ‘Complete You’ is though, the song is also iconically Chunk! as you listen further. Amongst the affluent chunky riffs slightly turned just a little, the band can be seen experimenting with intricate poppier guitars and yes — a sexy motherfuckin’ saxophone solo. This track also marks the band’s first official song collaboration with The Dangerous Summer’s AJ Perdomo!

The band’s time away inbetween releases has certainly been good for them, as it has allowed vocalist Bertrand Poncet to explore beyond their musical comfort zones. Take a sneak peek into our chat with Bert about diving in deeper into his emotions:

“I don’t know why it took us four albums to actually try that. But it’s cool. Honestly, maybe it’s due to the fact that we were able to take some more time writing this album, just sit back and not rely too much on what was our comfort zone with Chunk! It felt really good.

What can be a little risky in our style of music is not to sound too cheesy. I don’t know how people will react, but I feel it didn’t sound too cheesy. It’s actually pretty cool and I’m glad we gave it a shot. I always wondered why we didn’t try to write a love song in our records before…”

Give ‘Complete You’ a listen below and if you enjoyed the nice change of direction here, just you wait — there’s even more to come when the band’s new album, Gone Are The Good Days hits us on July 30 through Fearless Records/Virgin Australia.

Stay tuned for our full chat with Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! coming soon…

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

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Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! – Gone Are the Good Days tracklisting:

1. Bitter
2. Drift Away
3. Gone Are The Good Days
4. Marigold
5. Made For More
6. True Colors
7. Good Luck
8. Complete You (featuring AJ Perdomo)
9. Blame It On This Song
10. Painkillers
11. Tongue Tied
12. Fin.

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