Are You Ready to Hear Attack Attack! Change Musical Direction Completely?

Attack Attack!’s releases lately have been hit and miss, and I’m willing to bet that while many of us accepted ‘Brachyura Bombshell’ as a decent track of melodic post-hardcore, we might not be as accommodating with the band’s latest release.

‘Fade With Me’ sees Attack Attack! going completely 360 degrees in terms of musical style. They’re experimenting with more synth, clean vocals and electronic dance techniques that’s rare to hear in the heavy music community. To me, it feels like they’re heading down a similar avenue that Breathe Carolina went into all those years ago. While it may entice the most dedicated fans only, for me and the rest of Wall Of Sound HQ, ‘Fade with Me’ is just not how we remember the band and this is where we leave Attack Attack! to their own devices…

Words By Tamara May @citylightstam

Stream ‘Fade With Me’ here

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