Wildheart Take Aim At Consumerism in ‘False Hope / Fake Happiness’

Hardcore heroes Wildheart are back and they’re as fierce as ever. Following the release of their single ‘Backburner‘ in April, the Brisbane boys have reappeared with ‘False Hope / Fake Happiness‘, a song that takes aim at consumerism and that overbearing feeling of wanting or needing to buy something just because society tells you so.

We asked drummer Andrew Cooke to tell us the inspiration behind the song to which he explained:

“False Hope/Fake Happiness was written prior to the COVID-19 lockdowns here in Australia, but the lyrics kind of came after that. The lyrics explore how consumerism has become normalised in today’s society. The idea that we buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have is scary.”

He’s right you know. Reflecting personally I can recall times I’ve bought things I didn’t need, but wanted for the sake of owning one. It’s a strange concept that has been ingrained in our lives for as long as we can remember. Andrew also offered his own insights for how to combat this “addiction”, revealing:

“Wouldn’t be great if, as a society, we could be more conscious about how we spend our money and what we spend it on. Making informed choices about where we spend our money, where those companies’ priorities are and not supporting companies that aren’t using sustainable production methods.”

It’s amazing that the older we get, the more in out face these issues become and we HAVE to make that decision about what we are personally going to do to make posituve changes in our lives for our futures. It all starts with being informed and going down that rabbithole on a personal level to decide what’s best for you and yours.

But if it’s a little too early for that kind of thought-process, just enjoy the song for what it is – a screamy, headbang inducing anthem from one of Australia’s best upcoming bands!

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