Adrian Goleby Announces Departure From Caligula’s Horse

Well, this isn’t the kind of news we were expecting to wake up to today but here we are! Upcoming prog heroes Caligula’s Horse are still riding the wave of success following the release of their album Rise Radiant last year which our reviewer scored a perfect 10/10, but, as of today, they’ll be moving into the future without a key member of the band as guitarist Adrian Goleby has announced his departure from the group.

In a lengthy post on social media, both the band and Adrian explained their reasoning for the departure revealing:

A fond farewell to Adrian Goleby!

Today we announce Adrian’s departure from Caligula’s Horse. It’s certainly a bittersweet occasion for all of us, one laden with countless memories and experiences, but we’re excited to see where Adrian takes his considerable skills moving ahead. There are no secrets at sea, as they say, and through all those hours on the road and otherwise in one another’s company we can say with certainty that Adrian’s skills, spirit, and boundlessly optimistic outlook will be missed. Although Adrian is departing Caligula’s Horse, he’ll remain a treasured friend. We wish him the absolute best with everything.

We have no plans to replace Adrian at this time. – Sam & C Horse

Photos by @LukeaSutton

Adrian shared his thoughts too, try not to tear up…

“It’s difficult to express the magnitude of my appreciation for the people that made my time in Caligula’s Horse an unmatched period of growth in my life. The experiences that came with being a part of this project have shaped my view of so many aspects of life that I otherwise never would have been able to experience.

There were some parts that were so wild to me that I could barely contain my innate wonder at how surreal things can get when you fall in love with an instrument and suddenly you have the privilege of travelling to share that passion.

Being greeted at an airport in Peru, hanging outside with the crowds during a brief evacuation at Damnation Festival or winding down after a show with new mates in Zagreb all sound like fairy tales to me and if you’d told me I’d be doing that 5 years ago, I would have just giggled at you. But it’s the reality of those same extraordinary situations that excite me and inspire me to journey to the next stage of my very confusing, blindfolded experience of life. This pull of curiosity is taking me in unexpected directions that terrify and thrill me at the same time.

I wish the guys in the band the absolute best for the future of Caligula’s Horse, a project that has connected people all over the world. I’ll be looking on with pride knowing that I had the opportunity to be a part of that adventure! A special thank you to Wild Thing, Inside Out and all of the associated behind-the-scenes people that dedicate their lives to the distribution of original music and art.”

We wish Adrian all the best with his future plans and look forward to seeing what the band do next.

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