Introducing Valley of Snakes And Their Brutal New Song ‘The Most Difficult Thought’

Valley of Snakes

If there’s one band we introduce today, let it be this one. Some heavy hitter musicians have come together from the Aussie scene to create Valley of Snakes. The band includes the almighty Mark Poida who’s since left Aversions Crown but helped make a name for the band with their album Xenocide, which is still a monster album today. Joining Poida is David Freeland of LUNE and I, Valiance), who have self-proclaimed to “join forces amid quarantine to form Valley of Snakes”. Today the band have unleashed ‘The Most Difficult Thought’ which will pierce your earholes with happiness.

Whilst we’re stoked to be sharing Valley of Snakes with you, it’s important to note that this is not quite the band’s first release. Back in December last year they dropped tracks ‘This is The Hooks Within Her Flesh‘ and ‘The Hyena‘, which will splatter your brain with brutality. It’s great to hear Poida back behind the mic and channelling that wonderful larynx of his again. You’ll definitely want to jump into these blistering numbers before catching up to their latest hit.

The production for ‘The Most Difficult Thought’ is immediately noticed and impeccably put together. Poida’s gutturals are crisp and demonstrative of peak delivery. Freeland is a beast on the guitar and the two of them are obviously having one hell of a time. The musicians fuse many elements of their respective current and former bands and the venn diagram works well in this situation. The track spans for over five minutes and will crush your expectations with its weaving moments in and out of chaos. Different vocal and instrumental tones reconnect the song at different parts and keep you absolutely encapsulated for how it’s all going to end. You’ll definitely want to get across this song – look out for the boys on stage sometime soon locally (we hope) and some more bangers like this one.

Words by Ricky Aarons (rickysaul90)

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