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Educate Ebony Podcast

Have you been waiting for a podcast whose guests tell you what albums you really should’ve been listening to your entire life? Well, Wall of Sound has delivered! Introducing Educate Ebony, the podcast that’s going to give you a metal education like no other.

Join Ebony Story as she talks with bands, artists, PR reps, music journos, tour managers, sound engineers, and everyone in the music scene to find out the must hear albums, and why they connect with her guests. Season one is The Metal Edition! Which is, yes you guessed it, albums that fall into metal categories such as metalcore, thrash, classic, nu-metal, and more. You may have heard these albums but have you heard them from someone else’s perspective? It may just change the way you understand the album. So, let’s get educated!

To celebrate launch day we have not just one, but two episodes to kick-start your educational session.

Graphics by Kyal Wagstaff (@kyal_wagstaff_art)
Music by Reliqa (@reliqaband)

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Episode 1 feat. Paul ‘Browny’ Brown

Episode 1 of The Metal Edition features Wall of Sound Bossman, Paul ‘Browny’ Brown talking in depth about the album that literally saved his life. It’s metalcore band Beartooth, and their debut album Disgusting.

**Trigger warning: mental health, depression, suicidal themes discussed.

Episode 2 feat. Jack Bergin (Void of Vision)

Episode 2 of The Metal Edition features Jack Bergin of Void of Vision. And if you love Korn, you might just love them even more after hearing Jack talk about their debut album. Why is it the one metal album Ebony and her listeners need to hear? I’m not telling, that’s cheating!

So what are you waiting for? Get cramming.

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