Once Human Unveil New Album + Tease New Song ‘Deadlock’ feat. Robb Flynn

Update: The special guest is Robb Flynn of Machine Head!

Once Human were set to hit our shores back in 2018 on the back of their latest album Evolution. Buuuuuut something happened with the touring company and it got scrapped. Then we got a new song called ‘Sledgehammerin late 2019… then covid hit and, well, here we are! Eagerly we’ve been waiting for new material and low and behold, look what comes up on YouTube suggestions!

Turns out Once Human have a new album on the way called Scar Weaver which is set for release on Feb 11, 2022. Info was found via this music video for what appears to be a new song called ‘Deadlock‘, released on Friday, July 2 at 8am AEST – just in time for New Music Friday!

But that’s not the most intriguing part that caught my eye, they’ve teamed up with someone who they’re keeping from us. The mystery collaborator is XXXX XXXX – and it’s got us at Wall of Sound HQ scratching our heads. I’ve been keen as fuck for new material from the band, which features Australia’s very own Lauren Hart alongside Machine Head/Soufly guitarist Logan Mader, bassist Damien Rainaud drummer Dillon Trollope and guitarist Max Karon.

But this has me wondering who else they’ve got on board for their return.

Who do you think it is?

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