Lizi Blanco Joins Vilify As Permanent Bassist + Confirms New Music/Shows Incoming

Just when you thought Newcastle’s Vilify couldn’t get any better following the release of their debut EP Clarity (our review here) the band have announced Lizi Blanco (yes, the amazing Lizi from The Beautiful Monument) has joined the group as their official bassist. If you haven’t put two and two together, lemme break it down for you:

Amy McIntosh plays bass in The Beautiful Monument and screams fronting Vilify.
Lizi fronts The Beautiful Monument and now plays bass for Vilify.
Kieran Jackson
is on drums and Deni Hourihan is their shredmaster on guitar.

Photos by Bree Vane. Instagram: @mindtheweathervane

We caught the band during some of their debut live shows last month where Lizi took control of the bass and fit in so well, it was only a matter of time before she was given the official role. On hew new spot in Vilify, she told us:

“Thirteen year old Emo Lizi is screaming. I finally get to play the instrument I started on. People finding out I could sing pushed my bass dreams to the side BUT NOW I get to do the taco thing and have los dos”

Frio, Lizi, Very Frio! We also grilled Amy about the band’s massive explosion into the Australian heavy scene and their cult-like following that’s come along with it, to which she replied:

“The reaction to our debut EP ‘Clarity’ has been insane. People seemed to really get on board with it straight out of the gate online. Then the first few shows we played surpassed any expectation we may have had. People singing along, coming up for a chat, people even travelled to come and see us. We honestly were not expecting any of it. It really cemented the project as meaningful to not only ourselves but clearly to others.”

Annnnd If you’re wondering what’s next for the band, don’t stress, we got the lowdown on that too:

“We have some shows booked both at home and our first interstate show in Melbourne (Covid pending). Apart from that, we are already back recording with our family at The Brain Studios and cant wait to share that with everyone.”


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