Lotus Eater Drop ‘Obliterate’ featuring Oli Sykes

Happy #NMF head-bangers. Overnight British metallers Lotus Eater have dropped their highly anticipated single ‘Obliterate’ featuring their good mate, the one and only Oli Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon. Lotus Eater have dropped a lot of news overnight. Their new banger is the first track from their debut album just announced, titled Where The Body Goes coming out July 23rd via Hopeless Records.

With a bit of a Loathe type sound, the band have built a lot of momentum for the upcoming record, as it follows a series of EPs that have been well received over the past few years. Lotus Eater take on their next era of music with ‘Obliterate’ and it’s definitely going to get you excited for the upcoming LP, let’s take a look.

Melodic chaos ensues as the hardcore-style vocals kick in with the highly edited music video taking you on a trance. Sykes enters the track early on with a mixed vocal effort taking on what I guess you could call the chorus. Sykes’ vocal style includes both his raspy roar, but excitingly also includes his Count Your Blessings-esque guttural – yes you read that right. It may only be for a word or too, but it’s incredibly nostalgic and what Bring Me fans have been dying for – maybe we’ll get it on the band’s next album/EP. Lotus Eater unleash enormous energy on this track and even bring in facets of djent with crunchy riffs that will satisfy your #NMF cravings. Look out for this new record, big things to come for the band.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Pre-order the band’s upcoming debut album Where The Body Goes here.

Lotus Eater – Where The Body Goes tracklisting:
1. Daft
2. Vermin
3. All of a Sudden
4. Narco
5. Mayhem
6. 6am
7. Obliterate (Feat. Oli Sykes)
8. Living Host
9. Colours Down The Drain
10. The Shallow Demur

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