APATE – Rage (EP Review)

APATE – Rage
Released: June 25th, 2021


Zakk Ludwig // vocals
Caleb Patch // guitar and vocals
David Hensler // drums
Bradley Jordan // bass
Joel Reardon // guitar



Brisbane’s APATE has seemingly come out of nowhere to dominate the northeast coast’s heavy scene. Having shared the stage with heavyweights like ThornhillVoid Of VisionPolaris and Born Of Osiris it seems like now is their time to shine. Having signed to Human Warfare earlier this year, who undoubtedly have a huge roster of bands, the world is APATE‘s oyster.

Kicking off the EP with harrowing guitar tones is ‘Full Of Rage’, this short introduction is heavy and gives up an indication of what is to come. Seemingly, the band has me right where they want me; anticipatingly waiting for more. Intricate drum rhythms and squealing guitars are the driving force behind ‘Under My Skin’. Ludwig’s ability to scream with the instrumentals, rather than on top of them makes for a delightful listening experience.

Low tuned guitars are what fuels ‘Flesh Feeder’ to become the monster it is. This track is rough around the edges but in a surprisingly pleasant way. A mosh inducing chorus makes it hard to stay still, while the breakdown is the cherry on top of the cake. We are then taken into ‘Gasoline Anthem’ which has a slow and alluring introduction that builds up until the bands usual tempo in which they flourish. After the introduction, the ballad doesn’t fluctuate much at all, which makes me quickly lose interest ever so slightly and develop an urge to skip to the next song.

Much like the previous song, ‘Liars Tongue’ is slower than this class acts usual playing style, however, this tracks slow tempo seems to compliment the song’s message of the pain caused by loved ones who are dishonest. Bringing us back to a tempo that sees the band truly thrive is ‘Dancing On The Razors Edge’. This track ebbs and flows, creating a wonderful listening experience that differs from every other song on this release. Caleb’s clean vocals are well defined and are a pleasure to hear. 

Beginning with heavy instrumentals and powerful vocals ‘Shinigami’ turns this EP from black and white to technicolour. This is an example of APATE’s full potential being achieved. Intricate instrumentals work together like a well-oiled machine to achieve what I believe to be this band’s best track. Finishing off the EP is ‘Pallor Mortis’ which finishes off this EP how it started, hard and fast with immensely powerful breakdowns played on low tuned instruments. A perfect ending to an impressive EP!

APATE have created a powerful and influential EP and they deserve to become a breakthrough band because of it. 

APATE – Rage EP tracklisting:

1. Full Of Rage
2. Under My Skin
3. Flesh Feeder
4. Gasoline Anthem
5. Liar’s Tongue
6. Dancing On The Razor’s Edge
7. Shinigami (only available on physical copies coming soon!)
8. Pallor Mortis (only available on physical copies coming soon!)

Rating: 9/10
Rage is out tomorrow through Human Warfare. Pre Order here
Review by Adam Rice

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