KoRn’s Fieldy is Taking Some Time Away From The Band


Fieldy, actual name is Reginald Quincy Arvizu has made an announcement on social media that he’s made the decision to step away from KoRn for a little while as he refocuses his attention on “getting some bad habits” out of his system. After recently performing with KoRn on their global livestream, Fieldy goes on to say that you won’t see him onstage during the band’s upcoming US summer tour.

Whether the issues Fieldy is referring to are related to substance use, or other personal issues, we aren’t sure. Guitarist Brian ‘Head Welch has written two autobiographies that reference the band’s substance issues throughout their tenure as a group. What we do know is that we support the musician’s maturity to take recommendations from those around him to focus on himself and return to the band when he’s in a better state to do so.

In the full statement there is an indication that the current situation may have been causing tension in the band, as Field closes with “Jonathan, Munky, Ray and Head, I love you and I don’t want to bring any tension or bad vibes to the circle.” 

See the full statement from Fieldy below, as shared by KoRn:

To all Korn fans worldwide.
The past 6 years I’ve been dealing with some personal issues that at times have caused me to fall back on some of my bad habits and has caused some tension with the people around me. It’s been suggested to me to take some time off to heal. I’m going to respect what was asked of me and take that time. Unfortunately you will not see me on stage with my band.
I will be working towards getting the bad habits out of my system. In the meantime I will be staying creative to keep my mind & soul in a good place.
I’m thankful for all of your support, patience & understanding as we all have something that we deal with.
Jonathan, Munky, Ray and Head, I love you and I don’t want to bring any tension or bad vibes to the circle.
Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)
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