A Night In Texas Deliver Second Single ‘Doom’ Off Upcoming Double Album

A Night in Texas

A Night In Texas are back in full force, and have released a second single, only a couple of weeks after dropping monstrous track ‘Flesh Kingdom‘ and announcing their two chapter record The Divine Dichotomy. The new track is called ‘Doom’ and it’ll splatter your brains everywhere.

With a demonic official visualiser, the Brissie deathcore dudes blast ‘Doom‘ for your heavy tastes. With double-kicks and fierce riffs throughout, A Night In Texas are showing us what they’ve got in store on the upcoming double-album coming out on July 16. The band take no prisoners with over three-minutes of utter chaos, including a rhythmic breakdown that will crush your spine at the end. Need a new work-out jam? Look no further.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Pre-orders of Chapters 1 and 2 of The Divine Dichotomy right here.

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A Night In Texas – The Divine Dichotomy tracklisting

Chapter 1
1. Antichrist Gospel
2. Flesh Kingdom
3. King of Despair
4. The Blood of Christ
5. Feed the Lions
6. Born to Rule
7. Death Chapel

Chapter 2
1. I Am
2. Thorn Crown
3. Holy Suffering
4. Heavens Morgue
5. Slain by the Light
6. Doom
7. God’s Light

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