Get Ready to Belt Out Onslow’s Balladesque Banger ‘Freddie Mercury’

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If you’re not on board the Onslow bandwagon yet, you’re missing out on one of Australia’s best new acts to emerge from the COVID era. With two singles already under their belt and a debut self-titled EP getting released on July 2nd via Greyscale Records, it’s all systems go for the Perth duo consisting of Sean Harmanis and Scott Kay.

The boys are back with their latest single titled ‘Freddie Mercury‘ and you know those songs that start off slow and build up towards a giant climax that leaves you wanting more? Well, that’s exactly what this song is like. There are melodic vocals and easy listening instrumentals to begin with then out of nowhere it just blows the fuck and you can’t help but scream along with the lads. 

When discussing the new belter, Harmanis explains, this one is about:

“…holding onto something that you know deep down isn’t there anymore. Our approach to the songwriting probably stemmed from our appreciation of post-rock. We’ve both always loved how well bands from that genre are able to build up to these giant walls of sound from nothing, and instrumentally we really wanted to incorporate some of that influence in the song.”

Who doesn’t love a good wall of sound – hey? heyy? ok, I’ll stop! It is a perfect sounding closing song and I for one can’t wait to get my hands on the remaining tracks we’re yet to hear from these boys.

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Onslow – Onslow EP tracklisting

1. Saving Face
2. Let Me Rust
3. Gauze
4. Limbs
5. Freddie Mercury

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