Colour & Shade – Hostile Grounds (EP Review)

Colour and Shade hostile Grounds EP

Colour & Shade – Hostile Grounds
Released: June 4th, 2021


Zak Knight // Guitar/Vocals
Tim Greenwood // Vocals
Mat Purcell // Guitar
Chris Heyward // Bass
Graham King // Drums



Melbourne up and comers Colour & Shade are making a name for themselves by displaying their unique genres and playing style. Could this latest offering, Hostile Grounds be the breakthrough release that this band deserves?

Kicking off the EP with alluringly catchy guitar riffs, ‘Equilibrium’ sets the tone for the EP. Clear cut and defined vocals are what makes this EP intro a stand out track. The track includes a soft interlude which is complemented by choir singing, followed by a shredding guitar riff which is the cherry on the cake in this instance. Beginning on a softer note, ‘Therapy’ intermittently switches between slow, melodic sing-alongs and heavier instrumentals with unclean vocals, which adds a good balance to the track and creates an easy listening experience.

‘Rest’ is a sombre one that is played on a slower tempo, which holds a powerful way of conveying the message of “Trying to find a place to rest or call home when you feel like you’re lost” as vocalist Tim has described. Don’t forget to have a box of tissues handy before pressing play on this track. Consisting of a long dragged out intro ‘Canvas’ turns out to be a heavier track, consisting of predominately unclean vocals. I feel like this song had the potential to be more, the unnecessarily long introduction could have been used more wisely rather than as a time filler for no apparent reason. Finishing off the EP is ‘Phoenix’, which to me is this release’s most exciting track, its dynamic and flows seamlessly, making this an A-class effort.

Colour & Shade have seemingly gone into the studio firing on all cylinders but have produced an EP which is what I would call a hit and miss. There is room for improvement but it’s not all bad, this group has an incredible amount of potential, they just need to find a way to harness that.

Colour and Shade Hostile Grounds EP

Colour & Shade – Hostile Grounds EP tracklisting:

1. Equilibrium
2. Therapy
3. Rest
4. Canvas
5. Phoenix

Rating: 7/10
Hostile Grounds is out now. Listen here
Review by Adam Rice

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