Burn In Hell Announce Debut Album + Release Thought-Provoking Belter ‘Bleach’

If you’ve been trying to chase down a heavy new band to fill a void inside your dark and empty soul, go no further than Burn In Hell who first burst onto the scene in 2018 with their Humanity Plague EP. The band was conceived following the demise of Sydney hardcore kings Vices with former members Marcus Tamp (ex-drums, now vocals) and Jai Curtis (ex-bass now drums) teaming up with Mitchell Chambers (bass) and Thomas Sigal (guitar) to unleash their debut release.

Since then, they’ve welcomed Eleanor Shepherd (guitar) to the fold and have just dropped their brutally heavy single ‘Bleach‘ which Marcus told us was inspired by a court case he was on the jury for:

“A few years back I was on a jury for a case where ASIO were trying to pin and charge a left wing, Kurdish journalist for committing terrorist attacks. It was a bullshit case with no substantial evidence yet we the jury still spent 8 weeks deliberating because certain members of the group couldn’t look past the colour of the journalist’s skin and couldn’t understand why he’d be in conflict zones if he wasn’t there as a “terrorist”. One of the other jurors could see how badly it was affecting my mental health and wrote me a little joke note saying “we just need to drown them all” and that just really stayed with me.

I wrote ‘Bleach’, trapped in a small conference room, while surrounded by racist folk trying to justify the statement “it’s just what their people do”. Luckily the case was declared a mistrial and all charges dropped for lack of evidence, but it really reinforced just how white nationalism is so deeply ingrained in Australian culture and attitudes. And I’m just another white person seeing this shit second hand.”

Bleach‘ is lifted from their forthcoming debut album Disavowel Of The Creator God out August 6th via Reason and Rage Records which is run by the absolute legends (and sweetest humans ever) from hardcore band Outright.

If you’re an anti-religious person like myself and hate the way our government favours these groups more than us non-believing folk, there’s going to be lots of themes on this album that’ll certainly appeal to you according to Marcus, who explains:

“Growing up in the church, you’re somewhat blinded and brainwashed to the true oppressive nature that comes from the governing bodies which trickles down to the local Christian communities. Over the past few decades, the majority of our countries Prime Ministers have identified as Christian and have brought their Christian “values and morals” with them, further intertwining religion and state. A lot of this record focuses on the hypocrisy and disgusting postures held by the leaders of the corporate church and this country, and how we continuously build oppressive systems to further the divide making gender, queer and racial liberation almost impossible.

Our last record focused a lot more on a personal discourse we had with social issues and people abusing their power to hurt or gain power over others. This record is definitely a broader and more mature snapshot of the rage and hatred that fuels this band.”

I can feel the blood pumping in my system already just by reading that statement. If you froth bands like Converge, Harm’s Way and Foundation, they’re listed as some of Burn In Hell‘s biggest influences, so you know you’re in for a treat when you hit play on their music.

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