Beartooth Release Riff City Single ‘Fed Up’

If you’re a mad nutter for Beartooth like me, then you’d be all over this new song they just dropped because it was the newbie they premiered at their Drive-In Show in October last year… only now we have the studio quality version to headbang to! ‘Fed Up‘ is here and continues the hard-rocking vibe the album Below seems to be going for. Much like ‘Devastation‘ and ‘Hell of It‘, this one is all about that guitar riffs.

On the new single, Caleb says:

“‘Fed Up’ was written mid lockdown… I really couldn’t think of what to write about, so I just started thinking, ‘What am I fed up with in life at the moment?’ and wrote it down. The vibe of this song is garage rock with muddy, blown-out tones. We mixed that with the more pop styling on the vocals, and it made for a really special track.”

It’s obvious Caleb and co. are steering away from their metalcore roots with this album, honing in on their metal/rock side with a touch of melodic vocals here and there, we’re going to witness this band jump straight into premiere metal band territory and I’m all for it. That’s four songs dropped so far and a June 25th release date. What else can Tooth throw at us before then?

You better believe we’ll be ready on the receiving end like an eager fanboy trying to collect all their vinyl variants… oh wait, that is me!

Pre-Order/Save Below here

Beartooth – Below tracklisting

1. Below
2. Devastation
3. The Past is Dead
4. Fed Up
5. Dominate
6. No Return
7. Phantom Pain
8. Skin
9. Hell of It
10. I Won’t Give Up
11. The Answer
12. The Last Riff

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